Meet the savages

Who are we?


This is me. The mom. The glue (if I say so myself) that holds the crazy together! I’m the one that wakes up each morning and knows exactly where everyone is supposed to go and what they are supposed to be doing. With a family of five it helps to have at least one person that knows what’s going on!

Savage 1

This is Tim… my fellow savage tamer.  He is my best friend and awesome hubby. We’ve been through a bunch, but at the end of the day, he is still the one I choose.

Savage 2

This is C, the oldest of our savages. She’s five and already thinks she rules the world. She’s in first grade. She loves reading, playing princesses, and mercilessly picking on her younger brothers.


Savage 3

This is Big E and he is four. With his older sister now in school every day, he is really beginning to come into his own. He is compassionate and loving and always wants to be helpful.

Savage 4

And this is Baby E, our newest savage. Having recently turned two he is definitely our most unpredictable. His current favorites are almond milk, eating pasta, and talking nonstop.