10-15-18 Getting Better

Thank you for your prayers. Big E is still sporting a fever and a runny nose, but those seem to be the only symptoms. He’s been in isolation all day, which honestly he enjoys because it means unlimited screen time. The high fever seemed to break last night and this milder one doesn’t seem to be holding him back. He was ravenously hungry most of the day and was really rather pleasant. Hopefully tomorrow goes even better!

Meanwhile the rest of us laid low today and got some much needed rest.


10-14-18 Prayer Request

A little while after church this afternoon Big E started to complain that he wasn’t feeling well. I took his temp and he was running a low grade fever. He laid down for a nap and when he woke up his fever was running higher. Since my dad just came home from the hospital, I didn’t want to take any chances and I took Big E to the Urgent Care before they closed. They ran a strep test and it came back negative and told me it was likely a virus. This evening his temp spiked even higher. It is reacting to meds but I am still suspicious that it might be strep. Whatever it is, it really isn’t welcome in our house and we are all trying to be super careful when it comes to germs right now.

Please pray that Big E gets better soon and that his illness doesn’t spread, and please pray that I can put his illness into proper perspective. It’s easy for my mind to travel down a thousand rabbit trails that lead nowhere good, but I acknowledge that the God that has continued to provide for us so far will continue to do so. To Christ be all glory.


This evening we filled dad in on his story. He wasn’t aware of most of what happened to him during the hardest parts of his journey, and for that I am grateful. I would rather he never remember. He is very happy to be home and is incredibly grateful for all the prayers that were said on his behalf, as are we. Already we are seeing continued progress! Thank you again!


10-13-18 The Long Anticipated Homecoming!

My dad did a quiet applaud as we turned onto our street this afternoon. After 43 days in the hospital, he is finally home. The drive was long and tiring for him, and he took a couple of naps this afternoon/evening to help recover from it. He doesn’t have much energy, so our evening was pretty laid back, and that’s fine by me. It’s such a wonderful blessing to have him under the roof again and we are eager to help him further his recovery.

Thank you once again for your prayers. This day seemed so long off, but it is finally here! We could still use your prayers as we navigate this transition. We know God’s plan for dad’s recovery didn’t end when we pulled away from the hospital this afternoon, so we trust that He is still in control and we wait on His timing in all things.

Thank you friends for all the sweet messages you sent my dad throughout the day. I will be sharing them over breakfast in the morning. 🙂






10-12-18 Day 42


My dad called me this evening from the hospital. I think it is safe to say that he is very excited about coming home tomorrow. During his physical therapy today they had him practice getting in and out of a car, going up and down stairs (again), and walking. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he had a smile on his face as he talked about home.

Thank you for continuing to pray. We’ve witnessed answered prayers daily during the six weeks of dad’s hospital stay. Please pray for his continued forward momentum when he gets home. Thank you sweet friends.

To Christ be the glory!

10-11-18 Day 41

We had our family training day today with the various therapists, nurses, and doctors that have been working with Dad for the past week. I learned how to help him up and down stairs and the proper way to get in and out of bed. We discussed medications, side effects, and proper nutrition.

Six weeks ago I was ignorant in all of these things, but I feel like I’ve been in a crash course ever since.

He will be discharged on Saturday, so the next 24 hours will be preparing the house and buying supplies so we are ready.

Thank you for your prayers! Please pray our transition is smooth and that my father can continue to make significant progress at home!

10-10-18 Be Not Afraid


One of the things that I miss so much about our old town is the MOPS group that I was a part of. I always looked forward to our monthly meetings and the opportunity to connect with other women going through the same stage of life that I was traveling. Our time together was precious to me.

I haven’t plugged myself into a MOPS group in our new town for a variety of reasons, but when I heard that our church would be offering a women’s bible study I was eager to attend. This evening was our first meeting.

I am very excited about this study and I find it very timely for the season of life I am going through right now. There have definitely been quite a few moments over the past few weeks when my anxiety has been in overdrive, so the Lord knows I need a study like this! My book came today, so I didn’t get a chance to start it before our meeting, but I enjoyed going through the first section and listening to the insights of the women around me. I can’t wait to dive in!


Tomorrow is a big day. We go to the hospital for our family training sessions. We will meet with the physical and occupational therapists and learn from them all the things we need to be ready for as we prepare to bring dad home in the next few days. Thank you for your continued prayers as we approach this exciting transition. God is so good and we are so very grateful!

10-09-18 Day 39

My heart was already racing when I got on the treadmill. We had gotten some difficult news about my father and I hoped that the running would exhaust my body and I could burn off the excess adrenaline. I was wrong. By the time I finished my run I was nearly in a panic attack. My heart was racing out of control and my legs wanted to give out from underneath me. That was over a month ago. I’ve avoided the treadmill ever since. Until tonight.

It’s been two weeks since Tim called me that horrible Tuesday morning. I was still laying in bed and I was surprised to hear my phone ring. The familiar feeling of dread sprang up in my stomach. Something was wrong. I answered the phone. Tim told me to find someone to watch the kids because we needed to get to the hospital now. He didn’t need to elaborate. I needed to get to the hospital to say goodbye to my dad.

That day was the hardest day of my life. The car ride to the hospital was torturous. Every breath was labored, every thought was pure chaos. Everything seemed so terribly wrong. How did we get here? None of this seems right.

God held me together that day, because I was a broken mess of humanity, and two weeks later he continues to show me grace, though I do not deserve it. At the hospital today we were allowed to take my father down to the patio outside of the cafeteria. For the first time in weeks fresh air touched his face and the sun shown down on his skin. He sat there, looking around, taking in the change of scenery and chatting with my mother as I hunted down a cup of coffee for him. Today was a good day.

Every day he makes progress and there has been talk of discharging him within the next week, which we are all eager to see happen. We are ready for him to be home, for his continuing recovery to be in a place of comfort among the people who love him best. We miss him terribly.

Thank you for your continued prayers for my father and for our family. We have seen the tangible results of those prayers and we remain in awe of the one who has granted them. Good night, dear friends.

10-08-18 “Robin Neighborhood”

Baby E came up to me this evening and asked me if we could watch “Robin Neighborhood,” and I kindly obliged, because how can you turn that cuteness down? “Thank you for letting me watch ‘Neighbor Robin Hood, mommy'” he said later.

Today was the first day in recent memory that I have not been at the hospital. We took the opportunity to work on schoolwork and have the cousins over for some much needed playtime. My sister in law and I sat on the front porch and basked in the amazing weather. It’s been over a month since we have seen each other, so there was much to catch up on and it honestly felt amazing to be sitting in the fresh air. The kids played for hours while we rested and chatted. I didn’t realize how much I missed that and how desperately I needed it, a taste of normalcy away from sterile hallways and clinical conversations.

My dad did incredibly well in therapy today and made huge headways with his walking. I’m so very proud of all of his hard work and determination. It’s exciting to see God’s miracle continue to unfold before us.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. Tomorrow my mom and I will go and visit him for a few hours to keep him company. 🙂