05-13-19 My Favorite Ballerina

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m ok recently. The truth is I really am, I just don’t seem like it. Last week my allergies got so bad, the worst I’ve ever experienced, that my doctor put me on a steroid treatment to bring it under control. Thankfully the medicine seems to be working very well in controlling my symptoms, but it’s unpleasant side effect is that it makes me a little foggy and feel a little sad. I’m only on it for a few more days, so I’m happy about that. In the meantime, I’m being patient with myself. I’m just so thankful I can breathe again!


I was looking through old pictures this evening and one of my all time favorite pics of C came up. It was from years ago when she was taking ballet classes at the same studio Tim had practically grown up in. I love that connection those two share and I still think she’s the cutest ballerina I’ve ever seen!

05-13-19 The CE Theatre

This afternoon our living room transformed into a theatre complete with stage and scenery. The kids gave us each a ticket to come and watch a special Mother’s Day Production of the CE Play (a play written and performed by C and But E.) It was a perfectly adorable gift from my sweet babies for Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day my friends!

05-11-19 A Monster Calls

I didn’t anticipate the emotional clobbering I would receive this evening from a book I was reading.

I had picked up “A Monster Calls” at the library book sale last week. I had seen the cover and thought it looked interesting and a quick skim of the back made me decide to put it in the bag. It’s a kids book, intended for ages 12 and up, so I figured it would be a quick read. I hoped it would avoid the shallow characters and thin plotlines that typically run rampant in such books.

I read about a quarter of it yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was written. This evening I figured I’d read a little more, but like any truly great book, it refused to be put down… So now I’ve finished the book and it is very late. My eyes are swollen and puffy from a mixture of allergies and the tears I shed over this story.

It was a poetic, haunting, and devastating tale of a child coming of age while navigating the heartbreaking reality of loss and grief. I had tears streaming down my face.

This is one that will stay with me for a very long time.

On a brighter note, we were invited to our friends’ house today for a non-Easter Easter egg hunt. The kids had such a wonderful time playing with their friends and hunting for eggs. They wore themselves to exhaustion.

05-10-19 Soccer and Rain

It waited until we pulled into the parking lot at the soccer field this afternoon to start drizzling. It didn’t take long for heavy rains to move through and soccer get postponed until it could blow over. Once the worst of the rain was gone, they decided to go ahead with practice.

I’m hoping we will get at least one rain-free Friday afternoon before our soccer season is over!

05-09-19 The Toddler Mattress

As I type this, I’m laying on a toddler mattress in the boys’ room. I wouldn’t say Baby E is sick, but he has a stuffy nose which could be a cold or it could be allergies. Either way, it’s making it difficult for him to sleep.

There was a time that it scared me for Baby E to even come down with a cold. His lungs were always weak and every illness seemed to settle in his chest. Many hours were spent watching him breathe and listening to the rattling of his lungs, his inhaler at the ready.

This past year he was given a reprieve from the constant parade of illnesses that used to march through our home, and as a result I think his lungs might have finally strengthened!

PS- I hope I’m not on the miniature mattress all night!

05-08-19 Art and Pollen

I’m not sure what it was about the park today, but my allergies were on full display.

C’s art class meets at a local park, and while they are doing their pieces in the pavilion, the other kids are free to play on the playground or explore the woods.

So, with itchy eyes and a near constant sneeze, the boys and I did a little exploring.

Even though allergies are a pain, I’m so happy the weather is ripe for adventuring!!

05-07-19 Reading

This past weekend our local library had a book sale. We took the kids with us and I told them to pick out some books. C came home with a pile of chapter books and this morning she finished the first one. She was so engrossed by her book that she stole every spare moment to read. I loved seeing her curled up on the chair with a book in her hands, oblivious to the world around her.

05-06-09 Mr. Stripey and the Baby Ducks

We went to a garden store today to pick up some more plants for my “garden.” I had no idea there were so many different kinds of tomato plants, and I couldn’t resist picking up one called Mr. Stripey. Seriously, who gets to name these things?? Meanwhile I now have an emotional attachment to Mr. Stripey and I’ll be pretty sad if he doesn’t make it.

The highlight of the trip for the kids were the baby ducklings under the heat lamps. There were nine in the large tub, all chirping and running around looking adorable. Thankfully the HOA frowns upon poultry and livestock, or one might have made it home with us.

I guess the kids will have to settle for Mr. Stripey.

05-05-19 The Garden

This evening I started my ‘garden.’ it isn’t much of one, just a few tomato plants and beans. I’m hoping to add to it in the coming weeks.

My garden is one of only a few things I miss from our farmhouse days- having the little plot right next to the house and visiting it each morning to harvest the ripe vegetables.

This year the garden won’t be in the ground, but in various planters around the outside of the house.