03-25-19 The Field Trip

Today was a beautiful day for a field trip. My sister in law’s family picked the kids and I up this morning and we headed to a nearby Air and Space Museum. (Tim had taken the kids there awhile back, but I had been working at the time, so I hadn’t gotten to go.) I really enjoyed the experience. I think my favorite part was standing next to the Space Shuttle and realizing how huge it is in person. The kids were awed by the many planes and helicopters. The museum also has a mock air traffic control tower you can go in. Since the museum is located next to an airport, you can watch planes as they land and take off. The kids had a wonderful time, made better by the opportunity to spend the day with their cousins.

03-24-19 The Cake

When the cake came out of the oven this evening it looked close to perfect. Its rounded top was perfectly golden. All I had to do was wait for it to cool down and I could frost it.

My mother came home from the hospital, so we decided tonight would be a good night to have Big E’s birthday party. We had spent the day with friends and on our way home we had gotten pizza from his favorite restaurant and I had picked up the ingredients for his cake.

After dinner the kids went outside to play with one of Big E’s new toys and when I came inside to check on the cake my heart sank. I must not have left it in the oven quite long enough because the beautiful, golden, mound of the cake had collapsed in on itself.

I was pretty disheartened, but it was too late to make another so I grabbed the frosting and stirred in some bright blue food coloring. Even though the cake was cooled enough, the spatula kept catching on it and pulling up the top layer. The only solution was to use a lot of frosting in each area.

Tears started gathering in my eyes as I ran out of blue frosting and a huge chunk of my flattened cake was sitting there uncovered. This just wouldn’t do. It looked awful.

Time was ticking and the kids would soon be inside, so I grabbed random bags and containers from our baking shelf and found a pouch of red frosting.

Slowly I squeezed red frosting to cover the gaping area if my cake. When I was done, the cake was frosted, but obviously it looked EVEN WORSE!! How do I fix this?!?

Now Big E is my compassionate kid and he wouldn’t have cared what it looked like, but I felt like such a failure that I had mutilated his birthday cake in such a dramatic fashion.

I stepped back a moment and stared at my franken-cake. Surely I couldn’t accept defeat. I took a closer examination of the contents of the baking shelf and a plan started to formulate.

Withing five minutes, the hideous birthday cake that would be king turned into a lovely, quirky, underwater cake with an awesome crab holding up the candles.

BIG E LOVED IT! His eyes lit up with his first glance at it. I smiled at how silly I had been to be so upset with myself and felt gratitude that my sweet boy was so happy.


03-23-19 Do Spiders Sink?

I was down editing at my computer this evening as Baby E played in the bathtub. Taking baths is one of his favorite things to do, and he talked Tim into fixing one for him. For awhile I heard him splashing and talking to himself. Then after a moments pause I heard him call for Tim. He had an urgent question that needed answering.

“Do spiders sink in water?” he asked.

I actually didn’t hear Tim’s answer but the question made me smile. Baby E is still at the age where he asks a ton of questions. Some of them don’t make sense. Some of them he already knows the answer to. But many of them are like the spider question… He’s trying to figure out how the world around him works. What are the rules? How do things happen? Do spiders sink?

I’m actually surprised how often his questions stumble me. There are so many things about the world around me that I just take for granted, answers I have forgotten over the years, or never knew to begin with.

So tonight I learned something new-

Spiders are covered in water-repellent hairs, which trap a thin layer of air around the body so they can’t get wet. It also means they always float and some can survive under water for hours.

Not sure if you knew that already, but now you do.


This past week has been pretty difficult and I haven’t spent much time writing. My mother has been ill since last Saturday. Her symptoms came and went in severity, but the other day they got worse so we ended up in the ER and later that day they admitted her. She’s been getting better each day, but they are still trying to track down the culprit of the mystery illness, so please join me in praying for my sweet mama. She is more than ready to be home and we desperately want her here as well. They are running a few more tests, but hopefully it will be soon. Thank you for your prayers!

03-20-19 Spring

Spring has finally come. The long, cold nights of winter are behind us, and even though the days are still cool, the warm weather will soon be upon us.

My editing has picked up considerably in the past week, so our mornings are spent at schoolwork and the afternoons and evenings are dedicated to the edits. I’m thankful for the extra work.

We finished The Long Winter and yesterday evening we started The Little Town on the Prairie. Already the kids are hooked.

After this week, we have about five weeks of school left. I’m in awe at how quickly this school year has gone by and I’m incredibly pleased with how well the kids have adapted to it. The other day, without prompting, C informed me that she never wants to go back to public school. I’ll take that as high praise for homeschooling!

03-19-19 Happy Birthday Big E!

From the moment I met I knew that you were special. As I held you in my arms and looked at your face, I did my best to memorize every little feature. And every moment, I feel more in love.

And today you turned seven. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of the boy you are and the man I am sure you will become. Your compassion, energy, sweetness, imagination, and selflessness brighten the world around you and your sweet smile and sparkling eyes lighten my everyday. I love you, my dear sweet handsome pants and I pray that seven is a wonderful year for you!

03-18-19 A Day Made For Adventure

Today all three of the kids were scheduled to do some studies at the University. Big E was slated to do two and both C and Baby E were set for one each. The kids were very excited this morning when I told them what we were doing and they eagerly helped me pack their lunches and got into the van.

I figured the big kids would do just fine with it, but Baby E has never been one for strangers to I imagined that he was going to be a challenge. However he learned that after he finished his study, he would get to pick a prize to bring home.

When we got there, C got to go first. When she was done, Big E did his two studies, and then Baby E went right with the researcher without hesitation. I was shocked. He didn’t once ask for me. I stood outside the door and listened as he followed all the instructions.

When the kids were done they got to pick their prize.

We got finished much sooner than we expected, so when we headed out we decided to drop by the waterfall. This time we went into the visitor’s center. Years and years ago I was working with a company that had been contracted to do videos for this particular national park. I was curious to see if the videos were still playing after all this time. Sure enough when we walked it, I started to notice things that were familiar. What’s crazy is that so much time has passed that it took me a little while to recognize that these were actually videos that I had edited. After we left the building I told the kids that I had done the editing for some of the videos in the visitor’s center and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. (Meanwhile, it’s moments like these that make me realize how far I have come in my editing! Ha!)

After that detour, we made our way down to see the waterfall. We all agreed that the water seemed a bit higher than the last time we were there, and then we started to wander a path that lead upriver.

When we finally got home this evening we were all very exhausted. As I put the kids to bed, I reminded Big E that tonight was the last time I would be hugging my six year old. Tomorrow he will be seven. It happens too fast, my friends. It happens way too fast.

03-16-19 A Marvel-ous Day

Tim has been working some crazy hours lately, so I decided to surprise him with a date day. I got online yesterday and bought us tickets for a matinee showing of Captain Marvel for this morning.

Tim is a huge Marvel fan so he was thrilled when I told him what we were doing. We enjoyed our movie and we went out for lunch to a nearby Thai restaurant.

It isn’t often that we get the chance to go on a date so I sure am glad that today turned out Marvel-ous!

Did you see what I did there?