09-20-18 Long lost cousins

The last time I saw my cousin from California was shortly after she got married in 1992. Yup, it’s been over twenty-five years! Yesterday evening, her and her husband were able to drop by and spend some time with us and then we met up for lunch again today. It was so wonderful to see them and the perfect distraction! We’ve kept up on facebook over the years, but it was nice to be sitting together and catching up with each other in person!

My dad showed some improvement today and we are hoping tomorrow goes even better. Thank you again for all of your prayers!

Tim and I are battling nasty colds, which means I don’t feel comfortable going to the hospital to visit my dad, he’s got enough on his plate that he doesn’t need the sniffles too! But I am longing to see him, so I’m praying we heal up soon so we can pay him a visit!


09-19-18 School

It was a good feeling to have us all around the school table this morning. We learned more about explorers, made foil boats and set them sailing in the bathtub, did some art, letters, and math.

Still no update on my dad. Thank you for the continued prayers. We greatly appreciate them!

09-18-18 Day 18

It’s late this evening, but I just finished our lesson plans for tomorrow. We’ve been off of school for two weeks, but it is time to start back up before we fall too far behind. Besides, I really need the distraction of a schedule right now. No new news on my father this evening, they are still keeping him in the hospital for observation. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow. If I’ve learned anything over the past few weeks, it’s that hospitals don’t live and die by a clock, they run on their own time.

We were invited to spend the morning with friends from church and the kids had fun playing and decorating cupcakes. Poor Big E took a tumble, so we cut our visit short, but we had a great time. I love that we are making friends out here and getting the chance to spend time with them.

Thank you for your continued prayers as we navigate this current hospital adventure. It makes it easier knowing there are so many out there praying along side us. Thank you, dear friends.


Almost done with my friend, here. I just need to learn how to backstitch.


09-17-18 Day 17

We could really use your prayers again this evening. At some point last night my father started to not feel well. This morning we made a bunch of calls and in the end the hospital asked for us to bring him back in. They haven’t really figured out what is going on. They’ve offered up a few hypothesis, but they haven’t narrowed it down yet. In the meantime, they are keeping him overnight, adjusting his medications, etc.

My prayers are that they can lock on to what is causing him problems, that his body and mind can rest, and that our family will be showered in God’s peace. We are storm weary at this point and this has been hard.


09-16-18 Home


I got a text from my mother as I walked into church this morning that the hospital informed them they were discharging my dad. What a happy day!

The past few weeks have been difficult with all the waiting, the uncertainty, and the tension. When Dad made it through his surgery so well, we all let out a collected sigh of relief. Now the healing can begin. With him home, his job is to rest when he needs to and walk whenever he can.

With the kids back in town, we will be picking up with school in the morning. I’m really excited to get back into a routine that doesn’t involve an hour commute to a hospital. We could all use a little more structure.

When I look past at the last few weeks, I am incredibly grateful for so many things. My dad was in a great hospital close enough for us to visit daily, he was seen by some wonderful doctors, and the nursing staff was phenomenal. My in-laws were able to keep our children for ten days so that we could focus our attention on where it needed to be at that moment. We had an army of people praying for my dad, and so many people reached out to us to make sure we were ok. We had family come from out of state to visit and spend some time at the hospital and we have an incredible church family that stood by us and encouraged us along the way. Most of all I am thankful for our Father in Heaven who walked these few weeks alongside us, who gave us strength and peace when we needed it most.


09-15-18 Day 15

We have survived day 15 of our hospital marathon, and while we are all extremely exhausted, we are excited to see God’s hand at work during this time. My dad is doing great at meeting and passing all the milestones he needs to get done before they send him home. He’s been walking quite a bit, even through the pain of recovery. I’m very proud of his relentless spirit, and he’s a favorite on every floor he has been on.

We went and picked the kids up this afternoon. It’s lovely having the five of us under one roof again. Good night, friends!

09-14-18 A Day with Dad

One of the biggest goals of being in the hospital is to be an unremarkable case. The less the nurses need to check on you, the better. At least that is what 24 hours on the Trauma ICU unit has taught me. After my dad’s surgery they had run out of regular ICU rooms to put him in, so they sent him to the Trauma unit to have them keep an eye on him throughout the night. When we first arrived there, I was relieved to see that most of the rooms were empty, but without looking in the full rooms, I knew there were some bad cases. I made a simple rule… Look at the floor until I got to my dad’s room.

My dad did really well today and within hours of me being there they had him up and walking. I was proud at how hard he was working and we were all impressed with his determination and the amount he got accomplished. He wasn’t even there 12 hours when they started to discuss transferring him to a regular floor.

This evening he got moved out of the ICU. The emergency concerns for my dad were taken care of with the surgery. He will spend the next few weeks recovering before we continue with anything else. He is looking forward to getting home in a few days and I am especially looking forward to seeing my kids tomorrow. This has been a VERY long couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We have seen God move mountains in the past two weeks and we are incredibly grateful!


Progress has been made! Any guesses?

09-13-18 Good News!!

Six hours had passed since my father went into surgery when we finally saw the surgeon come into the waiting room. I looked at his face and watched his body language to see if I could guess the outcome before he even got to us. My heart was pounding loudly in my chest. With a slight smile he stretched out his hand for us to shake it. The surgery had gone very well. They went in and did what they had planned and everything looked good! He would soon be in the recovery room and we would be able to see him. We asked a bunch of questions, and after answering them all he went on his way.

I sat there with a goofy grin on my face as I absorbed everything he had said. Shaking myself from my thoughts I knew the first thing to do was call family. One by one, I got excited responses to the people I spoke with.

We got to visit with him a few times before we left, but honestly the medicine had him so groggy I’m not even sure he will remember we were there! That’s ok, though, because at least I got to hold his hand. 🙂

What an incredible blessing!! I can’t tell you how happy I am this evening! It’s late and we are all going to bed, but I can’t wait to go visit him in the morning.

Thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes!


I took up cross stitching to pass the time. Any guesses on what I’m making? 🙂

09-12-18 Hospital Life

We’ve officially been at the hospital long enough to have chosen out our favorite nurses and technicians. We’ve found every cafe and gift shop. We’ve added a great many words to our vocabulary (neutropenic, anyone?) and we’ve had a ton of quality time together.

I’ve passed a lot of hospital rooms and I’ve seen a lot of people alone in their rooms… All day, every day. Everyone has a story and I ponder at theirs as I stroll by their doors. No one wants to be there, but they each manage it in their own way.

My dad was cleared for surgery tomorrow, which is wonderful news! Thank you for the prayers and well wishes! Keep them coming!

PS- I found these at the grocery store tonight. I’m ridiculously excited about trying them in the morning!