05-31-18 Field Day


You can’t really tell from this picture, but Big E was pretty upset when I picked them up this evening. Nothing was going well for him, and honestly he was pretty cranky. The thing is, Big E was very, very tired! Today was Field Day.

The kids have been talking about field day for weeks. Last night C kept mentioning how excited she was and she compared it to Christmas or Thanksgiving. It was much easier to get them out of bed this morning when I reminded them what day it was. We made sure they were prepped with sunblock, comfortable tennis shoes, and a bottle of water. The kids had no idea that Tim took off work today for the express purpose of going to Field Day to see them.

In previous years, field day was just a few hours long, but this year they decided to do it for the entire day- from 8:40am until 2:30pm with an hour break in the middle for lunch. That’s a long time for young kids to be on the run, but they had so much fun. Tim took a bunch of pictures and videos.

We all met up at the ice cream shop for an ice cream dinner this evening and I got to hear about all the different activities and challenges that the kids got to do. They were dirty and had been sweating all day, and they were very exhausted. We got home, worked on homework, took baths, and they headed to bed.

I remember always enjoying field day as a child. It’s great to see that schools have carried on that tradition. The kids are already trying to work on a plan to have a homeschool field day next year. 🙂


05-30-18 Park Fun

When I picked the kids up and told them we were meeting up with some cousins at the park, they couldn’t be happier. With our move only about five weeks away, I’m trying to squeeze in as much cousin time as possible. They ate pizza and then ran themselves rugged for a couple of hours. It was a perfect evening!

05-27-18 Baby E behind the wheel

There are three settings on the new toy Jeep. Slow, fast, and reverse. The big kids have mastered them all and they’ve been driving up and down the driveway, chasing each other and practicing their drifting. Baby E is taking a little longer to get the hang of it. He gets very serious behind the wheel, and while he is having fun, he is definitely still getting used to the idea of driving it. He switched it into the high gear this afternoon and couldn’t figure out how to (or that he even needed to) take his foot of the gas and slammed right into the side of the house. Thankfully the thing has a top speed of about 4 mph, so he didn’t get hurt or damage anything, but after that he decided he was done for awhile. 😂

The boys got haircut today and all the kids decorated cookies with Naona this evening.

05-25-18 A Night Out

I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone out with friends in the past year. It hardly ever happens, so I was very excited to go out this evening with a group of some of my dearest friends. We had a lovely dinner followed by a scavenger hunt at Target and a stop for ice cream on the way home!

05-24-18 Find the adult…


This is probably why Tim is considered the ‘fun’ one! Ha ha!

Tim and I enjoyed the company of a few nephews and nieces this evening as my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a previous engagement. We ate pizza, played outside (for a long, long time) and watched some tv. The kids loved it when Tim got home from work because he let them chase him around the yard (and apparently up a tree!!)

05-23-18 Captain America

Baby E sleeps on the floor next to my bed now. That will change when we move to the new house, but for now we allow it as he has been dealing with some pretty tough separation anxiety. The funny thing is that he moves around a lot in his sleep and one morning I woke up and looked over the edge of my bed to see the place he was sleeping was empty. Thinking he got up and wandered out of the room, I sat up in bed and looked around. That’s when I noticed his head sticking out from under my bed. Just his head. Apparently he had rolled himself under there during his sleep. He has done it pretty consistently since that night and it cracks me up!

This evening I had a photoshoot with one of my favorite superheroes, Captain America. He’s a pretty handsome guy!!


Oh, and Moana wanted in on the action. 🙂

05-22-18 Fireworks

“Do you know why like fireworks?” C asked from the backseat on our way home the other night.

“No, why?” I replied.

“Because they remind me of Jesus.”

“What do you mean by that?”

‘Well, before the fireworks begin it is very dark out. It’s like when Jesus died on the cross and everyones’ hearts were dark. But then he rose from the dead and there was this bright light in peoples’ hearts, just like when the fireworks go off!”

Out of the mouths of babes, my friends, out of the mouths of babes.