05-27-18 Baby E behind the wheel

There are three settings on the new toy Jeep. Slow, fast, and reverse. The big kids have mastered them all and they’ve been driving up and down the driveway, chasing each other and practicing their drifting. Baby E is taking a little longer to get the hang of it. He gets very serious behind the wheel, and while he is having fun, he is definitely still getting used to the idea of driving it. He switched it into the high gear this afternoon and couldn’t figure out how to (or that he even needed to) take his foot of the gas and slammed right into the side of the house. Thankfully the thing has a top speed of about 4 mph, so he didn’t get hurt or damage anything, but after that he decided he was done for awhile. 😂

The boys got haircut today and all the kids decorated cookies with Naona this evening.

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