08-31-19 My Favorite Guy

When Tim started working at my parents’ shop five years ago, he didn’t know a thing about finishing. We had recently learned we were pregnant with Baby E and him taking a job with my parents seemed like a reasonable step for our family. Over the years he has taken on more responsibility and I am so proud of the way he has grown and adapted over time. I watch him interacting with customers and co-workers and I am so thankful for a man with such honesty and integrity. He’s a hard worker and has learned so much. Over the past year, much of his education has been trial by fire and yet at the end of each day he treats people with respect, owns up to his mistakes, is humble with his victories, and gives credit where credit is due. He loves Jesus and he loves his family deeply, and that is evident in everything he does.

08-30-19 The First Week of School

The first week of school is finished! I think the kids did pretty well with the transition and they seem to be catching on to things quickly. So far they are enjoying the curriculum, which is a plus. The kids are super excited to make their worm habitat (I decided to wait until this weekend to do it so that Tim can spearhead that project). However, I did let them open the container today and play with the worms. It was definitely the highlight of their day!

08-29-19 Worms

Between homeschooling, editing, and working at the shop I’m pretty much beat. But I think I like being busy more than I like sitting still, so there’s that. Thankfully the kids are rolling with the punches pretty well.

They are especially excited about school tomorrow because we are doing an activity with worms. After we left the shop this evening, we stopped by Walmart to pick some up. I think worms are pretty gross, but C suggested I name them so that they won’t bother me so much. I’ve named them all Beatrice. Baby E has named them Virginia and Big E has volunteered to do all the worm handling, so we should be good.

08-28-19 School

Our new school year has started out pretty well. The kids are enjoying the curriculum. We are spending a lot of time learning about maps and globes, in preparation for studying different countries and cultures. We’ve been learning new songs and reading about missionaries translating the Bible into various languages. Last year’s focus was on American History, so I’m excited that this year the kids will learn more about people and places around the world!

08-26-19 Birthdays and School Days

My sweet girl had a big day today. Not only did she turn nine, but she also started school! Today was our first day and it did not disappoint. The kids really handled the transition back into the classroom very well and our first day went off without a hitch. I’m really very excited about this school year and I know they are going to do great!!

08-23-19 Literary Adventures

This afternoon C and I made our way to the library. She spent some time browsing and picking out books while I worked on tracking down some recommended books for our first week of school. We took a few minutes to pick out some book for the boys too and as we got ready to leave she plopped a pile of ten books for herself down next to me with a large smile on her face. This girl loves to read. Ten minutes after getting home she was finished with her first book. Excited to see his own pile, Big E chose one out and read it aloud to me.

This evening as the kids laid in bed, I started reading a new book to them. I’m excited to be getting back into the rhythm we had last school year, when I would read to them each night. I’m looking forward to our year of literary adventures!!

08-22-19 Almost School Time!

The kids have, surprisingly, been begging me to start school this week and were disappointed when I told them we would be starting on Monday

To be honest I had wanted to start weeks ago, but the shop got busy and I had videos to edit so it got put on hold. Public school kids went back today.

Our day was jam packed. I edited this morning. After lunch the kids and I went school supply shopping and stocked up on all the essentials for the year. After that we picked up pizza, swung by for a quick stop at the splash pad (because I felt bad about dragging them to the shop), got bubble tea, and headed to the shop. We got home after bedtime.

I’m exhausted, but happy that we are one step closer to starting school and I know they are too!