03-19-19 Happy Birthday Big E!

From the moment I met I knew that you were special. As I held you in my arms and looked at your face, I did my best to memorize every little feature. And every moment, I feel more in love.

And today you turned seven. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of the boy you are and the man I am sure you will become. Your compassion, energy, sweetness, imagination, and selflessness brighten the world around you and your sweet smile and sparkling eyes lighten my everyday. I love you, my dear sweet handsome pants and I pray that seven is a wonderful year for you!

03-18-19 A Day Made For Adventure

Today all three of the kids were scheduled to do some studies at the University. Big E was slated to do two and both C and Baby E were set for one each. The kids were very excited this morning when I told them what we were doing and they eagerly helped me pack their lunches and got into the van.

I figured the big kids would do just fine with it, but Baby E has never been one for strangers to I imagined that he was going to be a challenge. However he learned that after he finished his study, he would get to pick a prize to bring home.

When we got there, C got to go first. When she was done, Big E did his two studies, and then Baby E went right with the researcher without hesitation. I was shocked. He didn’t once ask for me. I stood outside the door and listened as he followed all the instructions.

When the kids were done they got to pick their prize.

We got finished much sooner than we expected, so when we headed out we decided to drop by the waterfall. This time we went into the visitor’s center. Years and years ago I was working with a company that had been contracted to do videos for this particular national park. I was curious to see if the videos were still playing after all this time. Sure enough when we walked it, I started to notice things that were familiar. What’s crazy is that so much time has passed that it took me a little while to recognize that these were actually videos that I had edited. After we left the building I told the kids that I had done the editing for some of the videos in the visitor’s center and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. (Meanwhile, it’s moments like these that make me realize how far I have come in my editing! Ha!)

After that detour, we made our way down to see the waterfall. We all agreed that the water seemed a bit higher than the last time we were there, and then we started to wander a path that lead upriver.

When we finally got home this evening we were all very exhausted. As I put the kids to bed, I reminded Big E that tonight was the last time I would be hugging my six year old. Tomorrow he will be seven. It happens too fast, my friends. It happens way too fast.

03-16-19 A Marvel-ous Day

Tim has been working some crazy hours lately, so I decided to surprise him with a date day. I got online yesterday and bought us tickets for a matinee showing of Captain Marvel for this morning.

Tim is a huge Marvel fan so he was thrilled when I told him what we were doing. We enjoyed our movie and we went out for lunch to a nearby Thai restaurant.

It isn’t often that we get the chance to go on a date so I sure am glad that today turned out Marvel-ous!

Did you see what I did there?

03-15-19 Outdoor School

We embraced the amazing weather today by spending our school day outside. We vacillated between playing and schoolwork most of the afternoon. It’s about to get cold again, I can hear the winds battering the house, so I’m thankful we got a few nice days to be outside!

03-14-19 The Exploding Man

As you know, we have been working our way through the Little House on the Prairie series. This evening we made a sizable dent in The Long Winter and I expect we will be finished with it in the next few days.

The other day a friend messaged me and said that Amazon Prime is now streaming the entire Little House television show and I got very excited to introduce the kids to it. While I’ve never actually seen it, I was always under the impression that it was a family friendly show (kind of like the Full House of it’s day) but I was warned that I might want to watch the episodes before showing the kids.

So one day I sat and watched the first episode. I really enjoyed it and I knew the kids would love it. It stuck pretty close to the book and at an hour and a half long, it felt like a movie. I then started watching the next episode. It starts off at the beginning of the book On the Banks of Plum Creek, though I realized a few minutes into it that they weren’t too keen on sticking with the books after that.

With that said, I still liked it and continued to watch. I didn’t see anything I wouldn’t let the kids watch until I wandered into the fourth episode, where we see an event that doesn’t happen in the books. The father leaves home to find work to get the family through the winter and he ends up in a quarry with some new friends he met on his journey. They are working at breaking down and moving large rocks (I’m assuming for a railway.) At the end of the episode one of the men explodes. Yup, that right. Boom! Fire and smoke. Apparently some dynamite goes off and he gets blasted into oblivion. I honestly didn’t see that coming and in that moment I decided that Little House was indeed NOT the Full House of its day. So yeah, they aren’t watching Episode Four, or at least not the end of it. It’s bad enough that Baby E still worries about the Mummy Monster (The light up toy he got scared by at CVS years ago) that I’m not adding the exploding man to his cast of nightmares.

With that said, I think I’ll just continue to screen the episodes and let the kids watch the ones that don’t have things like people exploding. 🙂


Today was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous with temperatures in the upper 70s. There was no way we could stay inside. We did some school this morning and then after lunch we headed to our creek. The kids took their scooters and Baby E had his balance bike. We made it to the creek and the kids played on the edge- getting their fingers wet, tossing stones, and feeling the algae that now covers the creek bed. We wandered our way through the nearby woods, keeping parallel to the stream and eventually meandering back to it further down its banks. We climbed over rocks and up thorn bush covered hills and found our little corner of the world where we discovered the crayfish last year. We didn’t see any, but we did turn around to find ourselves within 30 feet of a huge doe traipsing through the underbrush. When we were done at the creek we played on the playground until it was time to go home. Once home we spent the rest of the evening outside.

It won’t be long until the warm days outnumber the cold ones and we can hardly wait!

03-13-19 Florence

This evening we had the wonderful opportunity to meet for dinner with some missionaries that our church helps to support. We gathered at a friend’s house and while the children played with a bunch of their friends, we got to hear about the journey of these missionaries and the amazing things God has done and continues to do in their lives. It was encouraging to see their passion for spreading the gospel in Florence, Italy.

It’s one thing to know that we support missionaries, but there is something very special in getting to talk to them face to face, hear their stories, learn about their challenges, and join them in their prayers!

03-11-19 Lava Lamp

We are all still adjusting to the time change and we honestly didn’t get much school done today. However we did spend most of the afternoon outside and then headed in for a quick science experiment. The kids made their own ‘lava lamp.’ Oil, water, food coloring, Alka Seltzer, and voila! They had a bubbling, fizzing, bottle of fun!

03-10-19 A Special Family

Tonight was a very special evening for a very special family. It was the ordination ceremony for our brother in law, Davey. It was a day decades in the making and an answer to so many prayers. Getting the chance to celebrate with them this evening was another reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Tim and I are both so grateful that God called this family out of our hometown the same time he called us, and to what is essentially the same area. I love that our children still have cousins nearby and that we have family so close to connect with. It has made both of our transitions easier.

And as we got to witness another milestone come to fruition, I continue to be encouraged by watching His plan unfold!