03-28-19 122 Pages

Schoolwork this week has been a stuttering affair. We have nestled it in between rough cuts and revisions of the videos I have been working on. We’ve been focusing on reading and math each day, and the kids have spent a great deal of time outdoors and I have spent a great deal of evenings staring at the computer.

When we sat down this morning the kids asked me to read some more in the latest book we have been reading, “Little Town on the Prairie.” This is the sixth book in the “Little House” series that we have read. We have only three more to go.

We started our reading today on page 185. We read for far longer than I intended, and when we stopped we continued on through other schoolwork. I was surprised this evening when the kids didn’t argue about coming inside for bed and as they hurriedly got themselves ready, I made myself comfortable on the floor in C’s room. They fidgeted with legos and other small toys as I read. At the end of each chapter, the kids would ask me to read “just one more,” and eventually we finished the book!

122 pages read today. My voice is tired. My kids got to bed late. But it was a wonderful way to spend our evening!

So some time tomorrow I need to make a quick escape to the bookstore and pick up the next one.

Big E has made huge strides with his reading this year. I am very proud of him and excited as he starts in on his own reading journey! He was excited to share that he read this entire book himself today.

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