01-22-19 Things Baby E Hates

Baby E has known his own mind since the day he was born. He has never been a go with the flow kind of kid. He knows what he likes and he knows what he hates and no amount of convincing will change his mind. So I’ve compiled a semi-exhaustive list of things Baby E just can’t come to grips with. (In no particular order.)

1- Bread- Don’t put bread within a ten foot radius of Baby E. He will immediately plug his nose with two fingers and refuse to remove them until the offending bread products have been rescinded.

2- hair- Baby E loves, absolutely loves hair… Unless it’s touching him or if it’s wet. Heaven forbid he find a hair in his bathwater or on his finger.

3- other people- technically he doesn’t hate other people, but he could really do without them. It takes awhile to win him over, so until then be prepared for some growls and evil eyes. Sorry about that.

4- clothes- if it were up to him, he’d never wear clothes. We have multiple arguments a day about his need to wear clothes, especially outside in sub freezing conditions.

01-21-19 The Cold

I woke up this morning and the temperature was 8°. I wasn’t built for that kind of cold. I read that we are in a polar vortex. The first time I ever heard that phrase, Tim and I were living in our crazy little farmhouse with C and Big E. The house had been built about a hundred years earlier, long before electricity and plumbing were standard, so those additions were clumsy afterthoughts. The house was heated by a few baseboards, but mostly we relied on space heaters.

I remember the winter with the polar vortex, when temperatures hovered around zero for a few weeks. I would wake up in the morning and head for the basement and our oddly located kitchen, where the temp would register around 50° inside. I’d warm myself by making fresh muffins for the family each morning, an excuse to run the oven to heat the space.

Because of the poor wiring in the house, you had to be careful which lights and outlets you used at the same time, because it didn’t take much to overload them. That meant we could never heat the house in such a way that it would all be warm. And whatever heat we mustered quickly found its way out through the old windows and gap under the door.

That place was cold. I remember staring at our exorbitant power bill one month and crying because I couldn’t imagine how we spent that much money and yet we were still so cold. That was a hard winter.

I’m so thankful, as I sit in bed this evening, with temps at 11°, that we now live in a warm, well insulated house that I never have to worry about seeing my own breath!

But if you ask my kids, they won’t remember that cold winter. They don’t remember the hardship. They only remember the farmhouse with rose colored glasses. To them, that house was magical. I wouldn’t have them see it any other way.

01-20-19 Snorta

If you ever come across this game… Buy it!

Years ago I found this game in a random gift shop at a random restaurant. I had never heard of it, but the premise seemed amusing so I bought it.

The rules are pretty simple, each person is assigned a barnyard animal (with an accompanying sound) and handed a deck of cards with various pictures of barnyard animals. You go in a circle and each person turns over one of their cards. If it matches someone else’s card on the table, they have to make the noise that that person’s assigned animal makes. So if I have a cow, and someone else has a donkey and we lay down the same card, we have to rush to make each other’s sounds. It’s a ridiculous game made funnier the more people you have playing and the more sounds you have to keep track of.

As young adults we played this game constantly, but for years it has sat untouched on our game shelf. The other day I decided the kids might be old enough to try it and it was a hit. It’s the kids’ new favorite game and they beg to play it everyday. This afternoon we took some time to play as a family and some hilarious memories were made. 🙂

01-17-19 Thursday Night Rambles

It’s snowing again. I can tell the temperatures are dropping because the heat keeps kicking in. There’s a bitter cold snap heading our way.

I should be asleep, but I’ve stayed up too late reading my third book this week. It’s a creepy one that has gotten under my skin and it’s turning the shadows in my room into unwelcome sentinels I keep catching out of the corner of my eye. Curse my overactive imagination.

But I’m going to turn out my light and take my chances that the shadows won’t move and hopefully I’ll soon fall to sleep.

Thank you for your continued prayers. My father has been home for over a week now and he has made amazing strides in his recovery. Bringing him home to recover here was the best solution. ❤️❤️

01-16-19 Riding Shotgun with Donald

I was riding shotgun with Donald Trump in a white panel van. It was loaded down with construction equipment dangling from the interior walls and taking up all the floor space. We were on our way to build a wall.

Donald was in a hurry, weaving in and out of heavy rush hour traffic, muttering to himself. We got behind a particularly slowing moving pick up truck. Frustrated with the delay, Donald swung the van onto the shoulder and floored it. As we ran out of useable pavement beneath us, we went off road, driving over grassy hills and knolls. The combination of speed and the unevenness of the ground proved too much for our van, and it began to flip, first back to front, back to front and then sideways.

In slow motion, Donald and I watched the world spin as we tumbled and flipped, the van finally came to a stop, upside down. We hung suspended by our seatbelts, thankful neither of us were hurt.

We freed ourselves from our crumpled prison, and made our way to my mother, who was waiting outside a midwestern farmhouse surrounded by dried and dusty cornfields.

“There you are,” she said in exasperation. “Do you know how long you’ve been gone?!? NINE MONTHS! You’ve been gone nine whole months!! I knew it. I knew the aliens were going to take you.” She shook her head in disappointment.

And that’s when I woke up.

I think I’m going to lay off the Spicy Green Curry from now on… at least close to bedtime!

01-15-19 A Simple Mission

My mission was simple… Walk into Home Goods and buy a mug.

I’ve been working at the shop quite a bit lately, and everyday I get there I remember that I don’t have a mug. So when it’s time to have coffee, I find myself drinking it out of a two cup Pyrex measuring glass.

Today I remembered when we were almost there, so we stopped at Home Goods so I could grab one.

The first one I found was a cutesie New York City scene, complete with taxis and skyscrapers. NYC stuff always makes me a little nostalgic, so I carried it around the store until my eyes landed on the quirkiest and oddest mugs I could find.

Back went the NYC mug and I’m now the proud owner of these silly hipster donkey and raccoon mugs. So much better than drinking from Pyrex!

01-14-19 Trees

A week ago I thought it might be a good idea to take down the Christmas trees, but then it snowed this weekend and Christmas trees look even better when there is snow!! And we are supposed to get more snow this weekend, so obviously we can’t take them down yet! Here’s to keeping up Christmas trees all winter long! 😂

01-13-19 The Battle

“I’m going to sleep in my coat and my boots!” Baby E declared last night before bedtime.

“Why would you want to do that?” I asked.

“So when it’s tomorrow I can go outside and play in the snow!”

Needless to say, Baby E was excited about the snow. After breakfast we dug out the snow stuff and headed outside to shovel the driveway. We had made a pretty good dent on it when a sweet neighbor lent us his snowblower and Tim finished off the job pretty quickly after that.

We took a break to replenish with some lunch and we headed out again, this time to play! The kids did some sledding and then the real fun began. The kids had been begging to build snow forts and have a snow ball fight, so we broke up into teams and staked out our bases. My team was me, C, and Baby E. We found our spot on the south side if the driveway while Tim and Big E took up camp on the north.

Then both teams started preparations. We built up our snow forts (a wall pushed up against the edge of the driveway.) Ours was about 8 feet long and three feet tall. Once we were happy with that, we retrieved some plastic cups and started making our ammunition of snowballs packed with some ice to keep them together. All the while, the guys were doing the same.

When we finally finished, we were ready for battle. We took up our positions and the fighting commenced. Baby E took the first damage with a snowball to the face that was intended for me, but missed its mark.

The volley of shots continued for at least a half hour, as we made new snow balls and retrieved the ones aimed at us. In the end, the boys won, as my team yielded to the cold and the promise of hot cocoa.

It’s not often that we get that much reckless, silly, hilarious family time. We screamed and laughed and froze our fingers in the dropping temperatures. Our reward of hot cocoa was well earned!