02-11-19 The Accident

Through no fault of his own, Tim was in a pretty serious forklift accident at work this morning. He was unloading skids from a truck when the truck began to roll away from the loading dock, with the front wheels of the forklift in the bed of the truck and the back wheels still inside the shop. As the truck continued to roll away from the building, the forklift was pulled out of the shop and came crashing down about six feet to the ground below- with Tim still sitting in it. Fortunately it landed straight and didn’t tip over or flip, but it did crash very hard.

Tim went to the emergency room to get checked out. They did a CT scan and they didn’t find any breaks, but he is pretty stiff and sore, and will likely be even more so in the days and weeks to come. We will be keeping an eye on him and watching for anything else to develop.

I’m so incredibly grateful that today didn’t go worse, because it really could have. When I walked through the door and saw him this evening, it really hit home that I could have lost him today and that was a tough thought to digest.

So please join me in praying for his healing over the next few weeks, that his pain will be minimal and his body will bounce back pretty quickly. In the meantime, we’ll be doing our best to make sure he stays comfortable.

02-09-19 Recovery Day

The problem with working half the night last night is that it’s 1 am and I’m still not tired, but I haven’t been alert enough to be productive… So today was kind of a blah day. Hopefully tomorrow the coffee will be strong and easily accessible, cause I’m going to need it!

02-07-19 Even Superheroes Need a Break

In many ways, superheroes are just like the rest of us mere mortals. They get hungry. They get sleepy. They get bored of their grammar lessons and math games. They long for adventure. They dream of glory. They stare longingly out windows daydreaming of the skies and fields beyond their vision.

At least those have been my frequent observations of the superheroes that often grace the chairs around my classroom table. Since the weather today was cooperative, Spiderman, Captain America, and Iron Man were unleashed into the vast outdoors to fulfill their superhero destinies.

02-06-19 Do I Have to get Married?

Baby E came shuffling down the hall and into the kitchen this morning with a look of worry on his face.

“Mommy, do I have to get married?” he asked.

“No, you don’t have to. Only if you want to,” I replied.

“When I grow up I’m never getting married!”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because everyone I know is already married,” he said with a sigh and sadly turned out of the room, his four year old heart consigning himself to a life of tragic bachelorhood.

Thankfully for him, this evening he had rallied himself and had chosen a bride from among his unmarried friends and informed me that he would be bringing her to live with us after they had grown up and tied the knot!

02-05-19 We Needed Today

Last Thursday, I had a mid morning appointment that was an hour and a half from home. I got up, got dressed, collected my things and headed out the door. As I flung my purse in the passenger side and climbed into the van, I was shivering from the cold. The temps were hovering around one degree with a windchill lower than that. My first attempt to turn on the van resulted in a stuttering, coughing sound as I watched the instrument panel flicker and the arrows dance. Try as I may, it would not start. In its whining and sputtering, it was echoing my own sentiments about the temperature. Defeated, I went back inside and rescheduled my appointment.

It was a far cry from this afternoon, when the kids and I pulled up to the park with bikes and helmets loaded in the back. 73 degrees! It’s been months since we have been to our creek. In fact, I think the last time was before my dad’s surgery. As winter set in, I figured we would not see it until spring because of the long walk to get us there. But with the weather being so nice today, I decided to take the kids to see how our creek has faired during the winter.

C and Big E put on their helmets and road their bikes along the path to the creek. Baby E and I followed on foot. When we got there, we took some time to point out the differences. The water was higher. The pebble beach was smaller. The island in the center of the creek was gone. The kids dipped their fingers in the frigid water, rubbing the slimy stones that blanketed the stream bed. With the leaves gone, and the bare branches stretching to the sky, our stream felt exposed. Not two hundred yards away, construction has begun on what will undoubtably be a swath of townhomes and chain restaurants, but thankfully it is happening down stream and shouldn’t taint our water.

When the kids bored of the scene, they got back on their bikes and we continued down the trail until their legs tired, and sweat beaded on their faces. They were ready to go back. We made it to the playground and they ran and played and laughed for an hour. After weeks and weeks of harsh weather we welcomed the sunshine on our faces and the warm breeze playing with our clothes!

02-03-19 Heros

One thing I’ve learned about being a mom to boys- Sometimes you need to be a superhero. Sometimes you need to be more than one at the same time. You need to be ready when you hear the call.

(But seriously, why do we even have three Spiderman outfits?!?)

02-02-19 All Nighter

It was 7am when Tim and I pulled into our driveway this morning, both of us fighting the fatigue that had settled heavily on us as we left the job site. We came in and headed straight to bed. I woke up three hours later and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Leaving Tim to rest, I hunted down some food, spent some time with the kids, and then made my way back to bed. When I woke a few hours after that it was time to get up. The rest of my day was pretty foggy and my body is sore from the overnight work. I don’t know how I pulled so many all nighters in college, but the days when I could do that on a regular basis are long gone! However I really did enjoy the opportunity to spend so much time with dear hubby.