12-25-19 Christmas Day

With my dad in the hospital, we opted for a quiet Christmas this year. No traveling. We slept in a little, ate breakfast, opened presents, and enjoyed our time together.

This is the second year my father has been in the hospital on Christmas day. Last year we were fighting for him to receive the basic necessities of water and nutrition, but this year in the ICU they are taking such good care of him. Knowing his needs are being met makes it easier to sit next to him in peace and quiet, holding his hand.

In many ways he is doing much better, but there are still uncertainties and his situation is precarious. We continue to pray that he will make a full recovery.

This past week has been hard- watching life race by from a hospital window.

I’m glad our Christmas was quiet. I loved being with my little family, watching the kids’ faces light up at their presents, and remembering the birth of our Lord.

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