03-23-19 Do Spiders Sink?

I was down editing at my computer this evening as Baby E played in the bathtub. Taking baths is one of his favorite things to do, and he talked Tim into fixing one for him. For awhile I heard him splashing and talking to himself. Then after a moments pause I heard him call for Tim. He had an urgent question that needed answering.

“Do spiders sink in water?” he asked.

I actually didn’t hear Tim’s answer but the question made me smile. Baby E is still at the age where he asks a ton of questions. Some of them don’t make sense. Some of them he already knows the answer to. But many of them are like the spider question… He’s trying to figure out how the world around him works. What are the rules? How do things happen? Do spiders sink?

I’m actually surprised how often his questions stumble me. There are so many things about the world around me that I just take for granted, answers I have forgotten over the years, or never knew to begin with.

So tonight I learned something new-

Spiders are covered in water-repellent hairs, which trap a thin layer of air around the body so they can’t get wet. It also means they always float and some can survive under water for hours.

Not sure if you knew that already, but now you do.


This past week has been pretty difficult and I haven’t spent much time writing. My mother has been ill since last Saturday. Her symptoms came and went in severity, but the other day they got worse so we ended up in the ER and later that day they admitted her. She’s been getting better each day, but they are still trying to track down the culprit of the mystery illness, so please join me in praying for my sweet mama. She is more than ready to be home and we desperately want her here as well. They are running a few more tests, but hopefully it will be soon. Thank you for your prayers!

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