05-31-18 Field Day


You can’t really tell from this picture, but Big E was pretty upset when I picked them up this evening. Nothing was going well for him, and honestly he was pretty cranky. The thing is, Big E was very, very tired! Today was Field Day.

The kids have been talking about field day for weeks. Last night C kept mentioning how excited she was and she compared it to Christmas or Thanksgiving. It was much easier to get them out of bed this morning when I reminded them what day it was. We made sure they were prepped with sunblock, comfortable tennis shoes, and a bottle of water. The kids had no idea that Tim took off work today for the express purpose of going to Field Day to see them.

In previous years, field day was just a few hours long, but this year they decided to do it for the entire day- from 8:40am until 2:30pm with an hour break in the middle for lunch. That’s a long time for young kids to be on the run, but they had so much fun. Tim took a bunch of pictures and videos.

We all met up at the ice cream shop for an ice cream dinner this evening and I got to hear about all the different activities and challenges that the kids got to do. They were dirty and had been sweating all day, and they were very exhausted. We got home, worked on homework, took baths, and they headed to bed.

I remember always enjoying field day as a child. It’s great to see that schools have carried on that tradition. The kids are already trying to work on a plan to have a homeschool field day next year. 🙂


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