05-23-18 Captain America

Baby E sleeps on the floor next to my bed now. That will change when we move to the new house, but for now we allow it as he has been dealing with some pretty tough separation anxiety. The funny thing is that he moves around a lot in his sleep and one morning I woke up and looked over the edge of my bed to see the place he was sleeping was empty. Thinking he got up and wandered out of the room, I sat up in bed and looked around. That’s when I noticed his head sticking out from under my bed. Just his head. Apparently he had rolled himself under there during his sleep. He has done it pretty consistently since that night and it cracks me up!

This evening I had a photoshoot with one of my favorite superheroes, Captain America. He’s a pretty handsome guy!!


Oh, and Moana wanted in on the action. 🙂

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