01-28-16 Loving on Baby E

The more interactive Baby E gets, the more attention he gets from his siblings. Now that he is walking and “talking” they are often up in his face and blocking his path. They seek out his attention. They try to play games with him, hug him, kiss him, and dote on him.

Baby E’s patience runs thin with their friendly advances. A quick hug might slide by. But beyond that, he only wants freedom. He screams at them when they get in his way. He swats at them when they try to kiss him. He runs the other way when he sees them coming.

In a rare moment this evening, C put out her arms and called his name and he ran to her, throwing himself head first into her arms. They squealed in delight as they rocked back and forth, huge smiles on their faces. It lasted only seconds, as Baby E lost his footing and  they both went tumbling to the ground, Baby E taking it as a personal offense. Not surprisingly, her next plea for affection went unanswered. He had already moved on, swinging his arms and loudly protesting as he walked away.

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