01-30-16 A Perfect Moment

It was late when we got home this evening… well past their bedtime. As we pulled into our parking spot, C said I want to cuddle, Mommy. How could I possibly refuse such a request? Her daddy carried her inside and we laid down together on the couch. Moments later, Big E joined us. And there we stayed. Arms and legs wrapped around me, their breath mingled together, the smell of their hair, the weight of their bodies, a cozy blanket to cocoon us together. A perfect moment.

As we laid there I was once again reminded how fleeting it all is. It happens too fast. They grow too quick. I shower them with kisses while I can. I whisper that I wish we could do this all day, and C quickly agrees, but decides it would be best if we made the boys stay upstairs all day so that just us girls can cuddle together. Won’t they get bored up there? I ask. We can bring them food, she responds as she snuggles closer. I like her plan.

They are all in bed now, exhausted from a long evening of playing with their cousins at a birthday party. On the way home C took the quiet as a chance to plan her upcoming birthday party in great detail, ignoring the fact she has nearly seven months to wait. She never got to have her fifth birthday party, so I’m hoping to make 6 pretty special!


Happy Birthday, Joshua! We hope you enjoyed your special day! We love you!!

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