03-23-16 Home

After several uncharacteristically quiet evenings, the big kids came home.  The house went from nearly silent to boisterous and rowdy in a matter of seconds as they burst through the door, eager to fill me in with the news of their new shoes and awesome adventures. You see, visiting their grandparents is always a special treat. They get to do many fun things like go to the park, play at Chik-Fil-A, and ride the carousel at the local mall. These are things that might happen now and again with us, but they all get crammed into one visit for the kids, so they get extra excited about their stay! I love seeing my children so excited about my family. I love seeing my kids interact with my mom, dad, and sister and I enjoy watching their relationships blossom. I am so thankful to have them living so close and thankful that they enjoy the kids as much as the kids enjoy them!


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