03-26-16 The Piggyback Rider

A few weeks ago I got something called a “Piggyback Rider.” It’s a standing child carrier. The idea is that you wear a vest like contraption, as does your child. There is a bar that they stand on and their vest is clipped onto your vest. That way, instead of having their legs wrapped around you, they are supporting some of their own weight. I was a bit skeptical about it, but I got it for a good deal and I decided to give it a try! First thing first was getting myself hooked into it, which was relatively easy. My first victim… ahem… volunteer was Big E. We put the vest on him as he protested loudly and then hooked him up to me. As he stood on the bar, I stood up. The weight was pretty evenly distributed across my shoulders and back, and as opposed to doing an actual piggyback ride, his arms weren’t clinging around my neck and strangling me! However he was freaking out that he was going to fall, even though he wasn’t because he was securely attached, but I let him down and then we hooked Tim and C up to the contraption. She loved it. It’s supposed to be for children over 18 months old and up to 60 lbs, so I think it will come in handy as Baby E gets a little bigger.


This evening I had a ton of stuff to do in preparation for tomorrow being Easter. I had run to the store for the last minute basket stuffings, I had to clean, do laundry, and dishes… but I was also incredibly exhausted, so in a moment of weakness I had Tim make me a cup of coffee… Soooooo…. I’m wide awake at 11:30 pm and I am really going to regret it in the morning. Meanwhile, their baskets turned out pretty cute!


I know, this post is one huge, caffeine induced ramble. Here’s to hoping I crash soon!

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