03-28-16 My Little Artist

Spring Break is drawing to a close. I took the day off today to spend the last day of it with C before she heads back to school tomorrow. We spent the whole morning with the neighbor cousins- watching tv, playing, drawing, etc. Watching the six kids run around was fun, and I got some great grown up time with my sister in law! After nap time, they went out and played with a neighbor. Then it was dinner and bedtime.

This evening I looked in C’s backpack only to realize she had been assigned homework every day of break. Oops! So, she did some marathon homework lessons this evening. Serves me right for setting her backpack to the side the first day of break! Oh well!


While C was working on her homework, Big E was practicing his drawing skills… with hilarious results!


“Mommy, I drew a picture of you and you have very big hands!”


This is the artist’s self-portrait. No, that circle isn’t his chin. It’s his belly button. I love this picture. 


This is a picture of Daddy, complete with male anatomy. *sigh* The blue lines are “paths” that he drew all over daddy’s face.


This is Grandma and Grandpa. “Doesn’t Grandpa have a funny head?!?”


This is a drawing of C standing on Baby E’s head. “Isn’t this picture hilarious?!?”

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