04-23-16 The Letter

There are moments in motherhood that make me stop in my tracks. This morning was one of them. Big E spent the night with Tim’s parents and we had company spend the night with us. After they left this morning C wanted someone to play with, but i had already set my agenda to cleaning. I had a mountain of dishes, laundry everywhere, and I was starting to feel anxious from all the clutter. she started acting out and we sent her to her room. She stomped the whole way there. After a few minutes she came down with tears in her eyes and a piece of paper in her hand. She had written us a note.

Dear Mommy and Daddy. I do not like the way you are today. 

When she handed it to us, I started to tear up. I was so caught up in what I wanted to get done, that I didn’t notice how important it was for me to stop everything and spend some time with my girl. With Big E away and Baby E a poor replacement, she needed someone to play with andher little mind had already come up with games and activities that involved us.

So, we struck a deal. Dishes and play. Cleaning and more play. It would help to break up the day and make the chores easier. It worked well. She created an obstacle course for us to conquer and we timed each other. The winner got marshmallows. We also played a paper airplane fight. Again, winning = marshmallows. It was such a wonderful time as a family and a much needed diversion.

I hope my children always feel comfortable to come to me with their hurts and (if necessary)  to point out my shortcomings. It may be hard to hear. It might hurt. But I’m a sinner saved by grace, and in constant need of reminder. So I am thankful for that humbling moment as it helped me to stop and connect with my child- to see her needs and desires, and put her ahead of myself.

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