04-28-16 Birthday Fun!

Today was my birthday and as far as birthdays go, this one was pretty nice! What better way to spend my evening than to be with my husband and our band of savages- eating dinner, opening presents, and munching on brownies.

The kids have been talking about my birthday since last week. Each night C would ask me how many more days until it was time. She asked Ms. Rebecca to take her shopping for me and they baked the brownies together. She was disappointed that we didn’t do all the celebrating this morning but I explained I wouldn’t open any presents with out daddy around.

At work everyone was very kind, giving me well wishes and treats and singing Happy Birthday. I got tons of messages on Facebook, and texts throughout the day and phone calls from loved ones. When we got home, C excitedly handed me a craft she had made at school for me. As we ate dinner she kept shifting in her seat and asking when it was time to open the gifts. They gave me an adorable card and I got to wear a special birthday hat that C made me. The boys got me a plug in wax melter thing (that melts the pretty smelling waxes- I’m so tired, I can’t think of what it is called!) and C picked out a necklace and earrings to give me. They truly made me feel special. My husband has gotten me gifts that are on their way and should be here in the next few days.

I’m saying all of this as a thank you. So many people did so many special things for me today that I am feeling very, very loved! This has been the best birthday I’ve had in awhile and I am grateful for each one of you!

Thanks and I love you!

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