05-23-16 The Case of the Missing Lunchbox

This morning I got a phone call from C’s school saying that she didn’t have a lunch with her and they wanted to know if I was going to drop one by or if I wanted her to buy lunch. I sat there very confused for a moment because I had a distinct recollection of making her lunch and I thought I remembered putting the lunchbox in her bag. Since I was already at work, dropping a lunch off at school wasn’t possible so I asked them if she could buy lunch and I would pay them back (because obviously I hadn’t sent her with any money, either.)

Fast-forward to this evening. As I was making dinner, it occurred to me that I didn’t see her lunchbox on the counter, and I glanced around but didn’t see it on the table or by the stairs (the only places I could think I might have accidentally set it down on our way out this morning.) I quickly forgot about it, had dinner with the family and eventually got the kids to bed. When I finally came back downstairs, I grabbed C’s backpack to hang it up and noticed that it was uncharacteristically heavy. I opened it up and there, sitting in her backpack, was her lunch box… completely full with undisturbed lunch. So now, I am even more perplexed than before. Her lunch box had been in her bag all along. Every day it is in her bag, so what happened that today they didn’t think that it was?? Oh well, not a big deal, just so strange!


My creepy commute home this evening. Apparently I followed the storm home, so thankfully I didn’t actually have to drive in it!

The rest of the night was just random silliness! Big E would have joined us for the shenanigans, but he was otherwise indisposed.


Oh, and I totally look like my mom in this picture!

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