05-28-16 Vacation Success!


So traveling yesterday was probably  a bad idea! Even though we got on the road early, we hit horrible traffic and the trip (which usually only takes about 6.5-7 hours) took us 9.5 hours!! Oh, and it included a lovely panic attack at a Chik-Fil-A along the way. Thankfully it was a mild one (you know, as far as panic attacks go) and fortunately we were able to get back on the road and head towards our destination and not straight back home! We got in late, brought in all the luggage and headed to bed shortly thereafter.

We are here in Ohio visiting Tim’s grandparents on their massive tree farm. The kids look forward to their time here and we always want to make several trips a year up here  (but it doesn’t always happen.) With the long weekend it seemed like a perfect chance to get up here. Our neighbor cousins decided to make the trip with us (actually they came up this morning instead of last night.) We happened to time our trip to exactly coincide with the seventeen year cicada cycle, so we’ve spent the day dodging cicadas and cicada shells. In fact, I eventually had to put shoes on Baby E because he kept getting them stuck to the bottom of his feet!! It was disgusting. He also found some of the outer shells and put them on his fingers like little puppets. Oh my!

Other than the unwanted pests, it has been a truly lovely day! We walked on the train tracks, went down to the lake and played on the playground, taken rides on the Gator,  ‘cleaned’ the cabin and played outside at great grandma and great grandpa’s house.

I actually took a ton of pictures, but the internet is slow and the pictures aren’t uploading. 😦 So, I will have to upload them later.


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