05-30-16 Home

There are certain places that hold me. Places I have been to that linger with me as more than just sentiment or nostalgia. Maybe it’s the quiet. Maybe it’s the grass beneath my bare feet. More likely it is the people that I am with. But whatever the reason, those places captivate me.

And one such place is Tim’s grandparents’ house. Tim spent his youth making trips to Ohio to visit his grandparents on their tree farm. His childhood is peppered with memories of his time there- learning from his grandfather, playing with his cousins, understanding his roots. I was introduced to this place long before we were married, having made several trips up there with a group of friends, to stay in the cabin and swim in the lake. But the years after traveling became more difficult, their farm became a milestone for me. Knowing how much my husband loved to be there, and how important it was to him, it became the one place in the world I wanted to see again. After several failed attempts, one day in 2011 we made it. And it was such a victory. We went out to the lake and I took a stone and I put it in my pocket… a reminder that God had answered my prayer.

From that day on, that farm became a safe place for me, and as the years have passed it has become for me what it has always been for my husband… a retreat, an escape, a place brimming with memory and peace.

And that’s what this weekend was about. It was about getting away, letting Tim spend time with his grandparents, and just be. No expectations. No plans. Just sit on the back porch for hours as the kids ran around the back yard. There were Gator rides on the trails and out to the cabin. There was time spent on the playground. We walked on the train tracks. We went to church and listened to Grandpa give a sermon. We listened to old stories and told a few of our own. The kids ran and ran and ran. They played house and superheroes. The played with cicadas and begged for Gator rides. Nearly every last detail about this weekend was perfect!





Our Happy Place





Put these kids to work!




Music time with Uncle Davey and Great Grandpa

It was hard to say goodbye today… C asked if we could just live in Ohio from now on. We promised to return for the big reunion later this summer.

We are home now. It was a long drive, and our lives resume in the morning. I’m stealing these last few moments of peace before heading to bed myself.



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