06-01-16 Tonight’s Plan

I’m always looking for tips to help with bedtime, because seriously, bedtime is torture. This evening, at the very mention of that dreaded hour, my children went into state mourning and whining promptly commenced. Don’t get me wrong, in a perfect world I would want them to stay up too, after all we have limited time together in the evenings, but I also know that they need their sleep… and Tim and I need our sleep. So, pushing back bedtime is just not an option.

So tonight I tried something new. I told them we had a plan for bedtime.

1- Go upstairs like a bunny

2- Go to the potty like a camel

3- Wash your hands like a gorilla

4- Brush your teeth like a T-Rex

5- Put on our pjs like a kangaroo

6- Read a story like a squirrel

7- Get into bed like a kitten

And guess what?!? It worked! My children all all snuggled in their beds like kittens and I get a few minutes reprieve before tackling my evening chores! I might need to try this same tactic in the morning!

  • Meanwhile I totally squeezed Baby E into this R2D2 onesie today because he hadn’t worn it yet and he has totally outgrown it. It couldn’t button, but he looked awesome.
  •  My children, who never like tomato sauce on their pasta had total meltdowns this evening when I didn’t put tomato sauce on their pasta.
  • I totally bribed the two older kids to pick up the massive spaghetti mess that Baby E made by promising them a cookie. It worked.

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