06-07-16 Kindergarten where did you go?

Today was a very special day. C had her kindergarten graduation day, and they had all the families come to the school to have a picnic with the kids. One of the last things that C said to me before getting on the bus was that she wanted me to pack the same lunch for her and for me so that we could eat the same thing at our picnic. She has been talking about the picnic for about a week, so I am so glad that I took the day off for it.

I got her on the bus this morning, dropped the boys off at the sitter, did my grocery shopping, came home ate breakfast and unloaded the groceries, packed our lunches, and got up to the school by 10:20. Yikes that was a busy morning, but oh so productive.

It was great being in her class and seeing her with her friends. They sang a few songs and then the teacher passed out certificates and then it was picnic time. We found a nice spot in the shade, laid out our blanket and sat down for lunch!





After the picnic, I took C from school for an afternoon on the beach! We learned that C likes playing in the sand more than the water, while Mommy likes the water more than the sand. Our local beach has had an influx of horseshoe crabs lately and they really freak her out, so she was a bit hesitant to get in the water. We played Elsa and Anna for quite awhile and then she made a friend on the beach and they played on the pirate ship and dug for buried treasure.

3 hours and 156 sharks teeth later we went home for a quick bath so that C could go out with Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Taylor for a girls evening.

They got their nails done and went to Rita’s. My girl sure had a pretty packed day!

While she was gone, I got to chill with my boys this evening. We ate dinner, read stories, and just hung out. It was lovely.

I’m pretty sure I packed a whole weeks worth of stuff into my day today, and we are all pretty beat so I’m really hoping everyone sleeps well tonight!

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