06-14-16 A Mama’s Treasure


Tomorrow is C’s last day of kindergarten. Just like that she will be done. Today was Storybook Character Day and she dressed as one of her favorite characters- Pinkalicious.

This past year we have been inundated with papers and projects. Nearly every week her folders were filled with small crafts, drawings, and artwork. There were so many and it was hard to decide what to keep and what to toss.

But tonight we received a veritable treasure in her backpack.

Point Blur_Jun142016_202256(1)

These are her “writers notebooks.” Every morning at the beginning of class time, the kids would sit down and journal in their notebooks. At the beginning of the year, the pages were filled with rudimentary drawings, but as the year progressed the drawings became more complicated, and little sentences and stories began to emerge. These notebooks hold the thoughts, dreams and fears of our little girl. Some of her stories make me smile, some make me sad, and some leave me in awe of her precious mind. Tonight I would like to share a few.


This is the first picture in her notebook. I think the tall one might be me, or perhaps it is her teacher. Either way, the tall one has awesome hair!

Point Blur_Jun142016_202203(1)

This is C standing between me and Tim. It appears we are all flowers.


This is a drawing she did after she dreamt that there was a bee that stung a boy. In the drawing she is laying in her bed and the arrows are pointing to her dream.



I have no idea what this one is, but it makes me smile.


I think maybe is this Baby Jesus, but it could be her or one of her brothers.


I love Mommy


I love Daddy


The Manger


The kid on the left is covered in germs. Germs on her hands and feet and in her stomach (as illustrated by the magnification). She then washes her hands and is clean and happy.


This might be her singing in the choir at church.


This is my pet. She likes to sleep with me. She likes to play. There is nothing more than a dog.


When I pray I fold my hands and pray to my Father.


My brothers are sick. (I particularly enjoy that her brothers are green in this picture.)


This is a map of my house.


“I love you God.” “I love you too.”


The horse jumped over the flowers. His tail smelled like flowers. Then he jumped over the moon.


I like pirate ships.


Brush your teeth once a day. (I like the food stuck in the teeth and the added ‘yuk!’)

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