07-01-16 The night we were going to see fireworks

I had it all planned out… I’ve been wanting to visit my parents for a few weeks now, and since it is a long weekend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Looking ahead, I researched all the local fireworks and learned that our town would be holding them tonight and my parents’ town would be holding them on the 4th. With that in mind, we decided not to go out there tonight because the kids would miss the fireworks, and since we aren’t staying late on Monday, they would miss those ones too. So I had the kids all pumped about walking down and seeing them…

And then it rained. Monsooned, really, and guess what?! Yup. They got cancelled. Postponed until Sunday.

Cue the weeping and gnashing of teeth. My kids melted down… and then their meltdowns had meltdowns. So many tears, and whimpers, and full out wailing!

I’m feeling pretty bummed for the kids… I was looking forward to fireworks too! Hopefully a full night’s sleep will usher in some new attitudes!

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