07-04-16 Happy 4th of July!

We took the savages to a 4th of July parade in the town near where my parents live. The kids were excited about it, even more so because we missed out on all the fireworks this year. They remembered the parade from last year and that many of the trucks and floats that passed threw candy to the waiting children.

When we got there the kids were eager to play with their friends, get their faces painted, and eat hot dogs.

When the parade finally started, they enjoyed chasing down the candy as it was being thrown from the vehicles. But after a few moments, it began to rain. And then it began to rain heavier. So we sat in the rain, getting very very wet, watching the trucks, horses, and people walking by (also very wet!) Yet even with the rain, the kids had a good time.

We are home now, and our long weekend is drawing to a close. I loved spending the weekend with my parents. My mom brought out a photo album of her childhood, her parents, and some of her relatives. It was really interesting to see pictures of people I had researched when doing our genealogy. It was fun to see them as real people, and not just fragments of information on old documents!

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