07-07-16 The Saga of Jezebel

This past weekend I met the cat that I want. Let me reword that, I got to see the cat that I want.

When we were out visiting my parents, we went to the local animal shelter and we looked at quite a few cats. Out of all of them, one stuck out as being the most easy going with our small children. When we returned the next day, however, she had been adopted. After meeting several other cats, the shelter people said there was one cat in the back that they thought would be great with small children, and while she was not yet ready to be adopted, we could go back and look at her in her cage. We would not be allowed to touch her.

As we walked back, the lady informed us that the shelter was overrun with cats, and besides the cats we had already seen, there were three more rooms of cats that were waiting to be processed!

This was when we entered the room and met Jezebel.

If you have ever had a pet, you know there is that moment when you just know that it would be a good fit. There’s no hesitation, because you know that you have met your match. That was my moment with Jezebel.

First of all, she is HUGE! Seriously, this cat is big. And furry… oh. so. furry!! I’ve never had a long haired cat before, but I think they are so beautiful. The shelter worker opened up her cage and petted her, and Jezebel just ate it up. Unlike the other cats we had met, she had a calmness about her, sitting in her cage as if being in a room with twenty other cats wasn’t worth her concern. She was gorgeous. I was hooked.

I asked when she would be available and the woman said she wasn’t sure but I could leave my info and they would put it in Jezebel’s file. I acquiesced and then we went on our way. I gave it a few days (because I didn’t want to come off as a crazy cat lady lunatic) and today I called to check up on her status.

The woman who answered the phone informed me that she couldn’t really offer me any information because there really isn’t a time table as to when Jezebel will be ready. (She’s fixed, up to date on everything, and is seriously just sitting in a cage waiting.) When I mentioned that I left my name the other day and if they could call me she said they don’t really do that. If I want to know when Jezebel is ready, keep an eye on the website (which apparently updates every hour) and when I see her picture I can call and come in and see her.

So wait, let me get this straight… You are overrun with cats. So many that you have three full rooms of them. I call about a very specific six year old cat that you have in the back, saying I can take her as soon as she is ready and you won’t push her to the front of the line for adoption or even put my name on her file to give me a call when she is ready. This, my friends, is government bureaucracy, and you know who gets hurt in the end… the kitties.  Had this been a private enterprise they would have jumped at getting one of their kitties adopted, (especially an older one, who statistically has less of a chance of adoption than a kitten.)

So now I will have to stalk their website for the next several weeks and the moment I see her, I need to figure out how to get to the shelter on short notice (it’s over an hour away) and pray no one takes her before I get there.

So if we are in mid sentence, and I run out of the room yelling Jezebel, it’s because she’s jumped through all the hoops and ready to come home.

And of course she is worth it… after all, we had that moment!

PS- if I meet her and she turns out to be a complete jerk, I take back everything I said.

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