08-04-16 The Hotel

We’ve moved into the hotel, which can mean only one thing, there are only a few days left of vacation. The great grandparents’ house can’t hold all of us, especially as our families have grown, so each year a few of us take turns staying at the hotel in order to rotate who gets to stay at the farm. This year is our year, so as more family showed up today, it was time for us to relocate.

When Big E asked why we weren’t in our room at the house anymore, his uncle told him it was because we were going to the hotel. Big E got a look of terror in his eyes as he slowly said, “We’re going to hell?!?!” Ha ha! His uncle had to reassure him that he said hotel  not hell. Once that confusion was cleared up, Big E didn’t worry too much about the transition! Ha ha! Poor kid!

Today was a beautiful day with blue skies and puffy clouds! The kids played outside a lot!! We took a really long gator ride this morning and hit about every single treated trail on the farm. When their other cousins showed up, they spent most of the afternoon running around with them! Tim spent most of the day working on the farm again, so he was having a blast too. Only Baby E seems to have a hard time getting into the spirit of vacation. Poor guy has been off ever since we arrived, but by the time we got to the hotel this evening he was wired and excitedly running around. He finally crashed around 10pm.

This is always by far my favorite week of the year, and I am enjoying it immensely. I love not setting an alarm at 5:30 in the morning, and having no greater obligation than hanging out and watching my kids play. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. For me, this beats any destination vacation with all the stress and bustle. Give me my family and a beautiful view and absolutely nothing we have to do and I’m hooked!


A gator ride with my best girl. She asked me to sit with her in the back so that I could protect her toes from getting hurt. While she was still favoring her other foot most of the day, I think her hurt foot is doing much better. It is definitely bruised, but she can walk one it and she didn’t complain to much about is bothering her. It did get her first dibs on playing each round of UNO.


This is my prince. In this photo he is showing me how strong his by carrying this squash. Look at my muscles mommy! It is important to him that he is strong in my eyes and I assure him every day that he is.


Big E loves this fountain. And while it drives me crazy that he drinks from it every time I turn my back, I love to see how much it makes him smile!




I love that my children get this special time with their great grandparents. Every morning, Big E would wake up and beg to go upstairs to see if great grandma or great grandpa were awake! Then he would talk their ears off.


Baby E has been pretty ornery this entire trip and this evening he did not want to eat dinner. Grandpa patiently sat with him and helped him through his dinner. At first Baby E was pretty angry at grandpa, but he came around, especially when he introduced a muffin! Thanks for the patience, grandpa!


When we got to the hotel this evening, I gave the kids a bath. I can’t believe how dirty they were, but it was proof positive of a day well spent! They had a blast!


Finally bedtime. Goodnight sweet ones!

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