08-09-16 Submarines

“Mommy, do you know how to drive a submarine?” Big E asked me from the back seat on the way home tonight.

“No, I never learned how to do that.”

“Why not?!?!” was his response.

“That’s just not something I ever learned how to do,” I replied.

“Does Daddy know how to drive a submarine?”

“No, he doesn’t. No one in our family knows how to drive a submarine.”

“How is that possible?!?!?!” he exclaimed. “It’s ok. I know how to drive a submarine.”

“You do? How do you know how to drive one?” I asked.

“I was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey was driving a submarine. So I know how to drive one now too!” he answered.

“Only if you know what all the buttons do!” chimed in C.

I hope one of them makes it go very fast!!!!” finished Big E.

So there you have it, we have one submarine driver in the family. Starting next week he will be giving tours of the bay.


The kids and I went to the beach this evening. Apparently there is something sketchy possibly in the bay (some sort of bacteria that shows up in the hottest part of summer, and it is rare that you can contract it, but it’s a pretty nasty thing if you do) So I kept the kids out of the water and we played in the sand. Baby E wanted to spend all of his time on the pirate ship while the big kids dug holes in the sand.



C had a doctors appointment for her toe this morning. I figured it was fine, but I wanted confirmation just in case. The doctor said it looks good and that she can resume normal activity, but we should expect the toenail to fall off. Ugh!!


I just learned that a cousin of mine from my mother’s side of the family passed away this past weekend. I did not know him well, as we had only met a few times in our lives, but he was blood and I know that his passing will be felt by many. He had a wife and two daughters. Prayers for them as they go through this difficult time. He was my age.

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