08-12-16 Likes and dislikes

I’m drawing a blank tonight. I didn’t take any pictures today (except a few when I told Baby E he wasn’t going to get any more M&M’s and he totally flipped out and started screaming at me.)

He’s reached that charming age where he is beginning to know his own mind and able to express it. For instance, here are some things that Baby E likes-

  1. waffles. (by far his favorite food. Followed closely by oatmeal.)
  2. almond milk
  3. choo choos. This is a new obsession for him. He wakes up talking about choo choos.
  4. cars- which he affectionately refers to as cargoes. 
  5. cookies- I made the mistake of giving him one a few weeks ago. Learned my lesson.
  6. outside- his absolute favorite place to be
  7. shoes. He loves shoes. I think because he associates shoes with outside.

There is also a (probably longer) list of things Baby E dislikes-

  1. His siblings getting too close when he isn’t in the mood to be cuddled.
  2. sharing cuddle time. He will not allow anyone else to cuddle me or Tim if he is with us.
  3. avocados. My other kids loved them. He does not.
  4. vacation. This one is only somewhat sarcastic. I have seriously never seen a kid so unhappy on vacation in my life.
  5. juice. I’ve only given him juice a few times, but he really wasn’t a fan.
  6. bread. I’ve heard that he will eat bread for other people, but seriously he will not eat bread for me. He just throws it at me.
  7. stuffed animals. Every once in awhile he will hug a stuffed animal, but he will not sleep with them at night. In fact, he screams at me in anger if I try to give him one in his crib.
  8. laying in bed with us. There have been times when I have tried to bring him into our bed so that we can get some more rest, but he will have none of it. He has never cuddled in bed with me.

I was looking at him earlier this evening and realized that C was several months younger than him when Big E was born. I remember at the time thinking that she was so big, but really she wasn’t. She was still a baby herself.

I’m now munching on the very M&M’s I wouldn’t give to Baby E, a perk of being an adult and a mom. Sorry, this post is all over the place. I’m just excited that I got through my first week post vacation!

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