02-24-16 This Hand



“Time is a game played beautifully by children” ~Heraclitus

The first time I held this hand, it was so small. When I grasp it now I feel her strength as she wraps her fingers around my own, holding tight. She’s growing so quickly. I can’t stop it. I can’t bottle these moments, but maybe through all of these pictures I can capture the ghosts of them. There are precious few pictures of us at this age- and even fewer of our parents.

I’m very proud of the girl this little one is growing up to be. Her kind heart and her desire that everyone should feel loved is truly priceless. She loves her brothers and has taken on the role of big sister well. She’s incredibly observant and works everything out in her mind, making sense of the world around her. Her smile, with her perfect little dimple, can brighten my darkest days, and knowing that I have the love of that little girl and her brothers makes me feel like I could move mountains. She is my sweet one, my pretty girl, my bug.

And in two short days, she will turn six!

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