08-26-16 An Easy Bake Birthday


It’s official, my girl is six!!

I’m not going to get all blubbery on here and sob about the good old days… I’ll leave that for Tim when he gets home from work!

We had an amazing day, though. We started off swimming with some friends this morning.

C was a champ in the pool, while Big E played on the steps. He did let me take him out into the water a few times, but swimming isn’t really his thing as he is afraid he is going to drain (i.e. sink.) Baby E spent a little time in the pool, but he was much more interested in playing with the water table and shooting himself in the face with a water gun.

At lunch time we ate, and then we had cake and Rebecca gave C her birthday present.

C has been begging Ms. Rebecca for months for an Easy Bake Oven for her birthday. (Seriously, I think she started asking back in March.) So she was pretty excited to open up her gift and find one!


Seriously, this was the highlight of her day and she couldn’t stop talking about it. She kept asking when we were getting home so she could make us something. I told her she would be in charge of dessert this evening.

After the pool, it was time to head to C’s school for the “Peek at your Seat” day, an opportunity for her to meet her teacher and see her classroom for this upcoming school year. So far, we love her teacher. There is only one kid in her class that was in her class last year, so she is going to have to make some new friends. Thankfully the girl assigned to the seat next to her was a friend she met in aftercare.


I’m really excited about this upcoming year. I can’t believe that next year we will have two in school! 

I had to fill out some after care paper work, which turned into some great daddy-daughter lego time.

After that, daddy went to work and we headed to Rita’s!


Seriously, we had so much sugar today. (Ugh!)

We drove through burger king, (because we had already made such great culinary choices already!!) and headed for the boys. Once we got them we got home and C started on dessert!

She did the whole thing, with just a little bit of help from me. I have to say, Easy Bake Ovens have gotten pretty industrial since we were kids. I never had one growing up, but I remember people talking about them and how they were pretty much just a lightbulb and it would take forever for anything to actually cook. Well, this thing is much more like an actual oven. It takes 20 minutes to preheat and then actually gets pretty hot. The cookies took 12 minutes to bake. When they came out, she got to decorated them and then we all gobbled them all up. She was pretty proud that she could help out this evening.

After that it was bedtime, and trust me, after all that activity, we were all ready for it!

I still can’t believe she is six! Time has really flown.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!



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