08-31-16 Hiding


Do you know why I’m hiding from you? She whimpers from her perch on the stairs. It’s because I think you don’t want me anymore. Her body starts shaking with sobs. I guide her back to her bed and assure her that there is nothing in the world that could ever make me not want her. I lay next to her and play with her hair, reminding her how much I love her as her tears come under control and her eyes start to get heavy.

I’m going to be honest, we are having a rough week. C is absolutely loving school and everything about it, but it is a difficult adjustment to going back to sitting still, doing work, and following instructions every moment of the day. By the time she gets home from school she is exhausted, and by the time I get home from work we still have to make it through dinner before unwinding. I’m getting them to bed on time, and even a little early, but we are dealing with some pretty major meltdowns. For the most part, I’ve been riding them out, knowing their root cause isn’t malice or spite, but rather incredible fatigue. In a week or so, they should even out as we settle into our new routine. Until then, we could all do with a little extra grace.

I am just so happy that we have a long weekend to look forward to. We are all going to need it!

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