09-09-16 Breaking a 6 Year Record!!

I was ‘coaxing’ the big kids out of bed this morning when I heard a loud thud and their bedroom shook for a brief moment.

I knew what it was the moment it happened.

It’s a day I have been waiting for for six whole years!


In six whole years my children have never attempted to climb out of their crib. Apparently Baby E took it into his head that this would be the day to break the record. Unfortunately he didn’t quite land the dismount and when I ran in to check on him he was laying on his back staring at the ceiling and wailing at the top of his lungs. He had a reddish spot on his leg, so I think that’s where he hit. He just kept screaming ‘bed’ and ‘boo-boo.’

There’s a rocking horse in Baby E’s room. Usually it is in the corner, and the kids don’t notice it, but yesterday they were playing with it and last night it got left next to Baby E’s crib. It would seem that Baby E loves this rocking horse, and I think that might have been the motivation for his daring escape.

Whatever his thinking, we had a nice long talk this evening about getting out of bed. I’m not sure if he understood a word I said to him, but he smiled and said ‘yes’ a lot (even when the answer was supposed to be ‘no.’) I did add a fluffy blanket to the floor, so hopefully if he falls again he will have a little more cushioning. Oh, and the rocking horse has gone on vacation.

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