09-13-16 Open House Night

This evening was Open House Night at C’s school. It was a great chance to get to visit C’s classroom, see her teacher, and learn some of the protocol and curriculum that is going to be dominating my girl’s life for the next year. Wow, has first grade gotten intense! I liked going over the types of curricula and topics they will be discussing this year and I even got to write a note for C to leave on her desk for her to find in the morning!

The one thing I learned about C this evening is that apparently she likes to stand at her desk instead of sit for most of her class day. (Her teacher says she doesn’t mind, so she lets her do it, but this is not something we ran into when she was in kindergarten.) When I asked C this evening why she chooses to stand when all the other kids are sitting, she replied that she gets too bored when she is sitting. Standing helps her to concentrate and get her boring work done.

Any teachers out there with any thoughts about that? 🙂

I also took the opportunity to apologize to her teacher for the musical shoe incident of 2016 and promised to never send her back to school with singing shoes ever again. (apparently C’s shoes were creating quite the stir in her class. Oops!)

I also got to rifle through her desk and page through her notebooks. I love seeing her art and stories! I really enjoyed getting to spend some time in the place my daughter spends most of her week. Feeling blessed that she goes to such a great school!


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