10-11-16 On Being BBK

What does it mean to be BBK?

Being BBK is a new phrase in our house.

Being Big. 

You see, we’ve been having some issues lately, nothing horrible, but mostly just annoying. The older kids have been using the phrase I can’t for things that they clearly can! As in I can’t turn on that light or I can’t put on my own clothes. We have discussed the difference between can’t and don’t want to but they insist that just about everything is can’t. This irritates me because I am not asking them to do things that aren’t age appropriate, and I refuse to give in because I am raising future adults that should be able to dress themselves and turn on their own lights!!

Being Brave.

This one doesn’t bother me quite as much as the one above because I totally understand that kids get scared. Dark hallways and empty rooms can be very daunting for them. However when it is the middle of a sunny afternoon, I want my children to feel brave enough to run upstairs alone and grab something without worrying that they are going to freak out.

Be Kind. 

This one is definitely the most important one and definitely the one we have to work on the most, especially in regards to how they treat each other. Big E has a habit of running up to Baby E and screams in his face. Baby E likes to whack people in the head with just about anything. C likes to instigate because she knows exactly how to upset her brothers. Half the time I feel more like a referee than a mom sometimes. (Maybe there isn’t much of a difference.)

Anyways, a few days ago I got so annoyed with them that I pulled them aside and stressed how important it was for us to be BBK. Big, Brave, and Kind. It’s an easy little saying for them to remember and when they act in a way that isn’t BBK and I call them out on it they adjust their behavior very quickly. I know the novelty of this will wear off sooner than I would like, but for now it seems to be working, so I am wholeheartedly embracing it!


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