10-15-16 Animal Park

Today we surprised the kids by taking them to the Leesburg Animal Park Pumpkin Village. On the car ride to the park they kept begging to know where they were going and were so happy when we pulled into the parking lot. We started with visiting all the animals. We saw lemurs, rabbits, porcupines, llamas, donkeys, and quite a few more animals. Baby E was positively obsessed with the llama and really liked the alpaca, until I sat him next to it! He pet a sheep and squealed in delight. He also tracked down a chicken and pet that too. The big kids liked the sheep and the porcupine. They pet a goat and an alpaca.

After the animals, it was time to enjoy the Pumpkin Village. The kids had a blast going from activity to activity. Big E especially liked the large swing, the zip line, and the pedal carts. C loved the hayride and the bouncy houses. Baby E loved the mini train ride. He rode twice and I had to remove him kicking and screaming so that other people could get on.

Like I said, Big E loved the pedal carts, and literally spent about 15 minutes riding them. He did a great job weaving in and out of the other carts and navigating the turns as quickly as he could.

They also did an obstacle course, more slides, a hay maze, and more. They played hard for over four hours, and Baby E kept up with the big kids the entire time. We had a picnic lunch, and on the way out we got some complimentary apple cider, an apple, and a small pumpkin. The kids had so much fun today and I know we spent the day building some amazing memories. I loved hearing all their laughter and seeing so many smiles!

I apologize now for the massive photo dump! Enjoy!


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