10-26-16 My sloth like children.

Sloth like.

Those are the words that I would use to describe my children at bedtime. Seriously sloth like. How can the simple acts of brushing your teeth, using the bathroom, and getting in your pajamas possibly take over half an hour???

I love that the kids are involved at church on Wednesday nights, but I really don’t know how to deal with them when they come home. They are inevitably hungry and they take forever to do the things they need to do to get to bed. And I just get so frustrated with them, (which I think makes them take even longer.) Any recommendations for making a late evening bedtimes run any smoother?


This is actually a picture from this morning. Baby E wandered into the big kids room to find them playing with dinosaurs. 



Baby E has a cold. I’m always on edge when he gets a cold because his breathing can go downhill pretty quickly. The last time he had a bad cold, it landed him in the ER for breathing treatments and x-rays. During the day he is nearly completely fine. He will cough here and there and he sounds a bit congested, but nothing that would cause me any alarm. It’s just at night that he starts sounding bad. This evening I propped up his mattress and pillow, I’m diffusing some oils in his bedroom, and I covered him in an oil concoction my sister in law put together for me months ago. His inhaler is at the ready. Please pray he sleeps though the night and his breathing is normal. Thank you!

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