10-28-16 Trunk or Treat!!

There are certain things that I do not do when I have all three of my children…

1- Go to the grocery store- I don’t think I have ever actually attempted this with all three children and just myself. This is the most intimidating thing in the world to me, because I need the shopping cart to contain both my children and my groceries, and it just isn’t capable of doing that, so I have to choose. So I choose to leave my kids with Tim when I go grocery shopping. If we can’t make that work… we starve.

2- Go into a restaurant with all three of my children. I am using the term restaurant rather loosely here. This can range from a nice dine in to a fast food joint. You will not see me and three kids in one of those alone. Not going to happen. Nope.

3- Travel more than two hours with them. My parents live about one hour and thirty minutes from us, and I refuse to drive them much further than that. Why? Because inevitably someone will have to use the bathroom, and all chaos will commence.

And then there are the things I have done with three children in toe and I have totally regretted it. Like the time I took them all to a doctor’s appointment for Baby E and the big kids proceeded to wrestle on the ground as the doctor examined Baby E. To make matters worse the doctor referenced the incident months later when he thought he was referring to their cousins. Nope those were my children. *sigh*

All that to say, I am not too adventurous when Tim isn’t around, so usually I just opt for quiet activities or ones very close to home. This evening, however, I was feeling pretty daring. C’s school was holding a “Trunk or Treat” (Big E kept referring to it as “Trick or Trunking!!”) I’ve never done an activity like that, but I figured the kids would love it, so I asked Rebecca to get the kids in their costumes so we could head straight there after work.

C dressed as Elena of Avalor, while Big E wore his Flash costume. We didn’t dress Baby E, but out of coincidence the only lightweight jacket I had for him in the van was Superman.

The kids had a great time going from car to car and trick or treating. C got to see her teacher and some of her friends from school. The cars and trucks were fun because the owners did a great job decorating them. It was a lot of fun to see. Baby E caught on pretty quickly that candy was involved once he saw the first lollipop, so he was a blubbering mess the rest of the evening begging people to give him candy. I let him eat some twizzlers and smarties, both of which he rejected. He was very happy with a cheese puff. Go figure.

I would label our evening a success. I let the kids have a mini binge of candy on the ride home and then gave them containers for the rest when we got to the house. I’m going to have to hide the candy though, because Baby E gets all worked up when he sees it and refuses to eat any other foods.

I wish I could post more pictures from this evening, because naturally I took plenty, but the internet is incredibly slow. 😦


Getting a photo of all three of them looking at the camera at the same time and smiling was impossible. So here are three pictures of only one of them looking at the camera at a time!


C’s turn!


Oh wait! This one actually has them all looking *towards* the camera. 

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