11-07-16 The Tree

Historically this has been my least favorite day of the year… the first workday after the autumn time change. I credit my distaste for this day due to the suddenly dark evening commutes. It always takes a couple of weeks for people to settle into the new routine, but in the meantime, my evenings are usually pretty rough.

But today I didn’t commute and that was a nice change.

I spent this afternoon with friends… Our time together did the trick of wiping the cobwebs away and reminding me that life carries on outside these four walls. By the time I got home, my dear, sweet husband had put up a Christmas tree in our window. I am typically against unusually early Christmas decorating, but this year I am going to embrace it. This year, I think we need it.


Thank you for your continued prayers. I’m starting be able to be on my feet for longer amounts of time and I am attempting some solo adventures. I still get worn out pretty quick, but I’m pacing myself and being careful not to overdo it. Thanks again!

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