11-25-16 Thanksgiving 2

Like I said, Thanksgiving spans two days now, and today we are visiting my parents. A visit to my parents’ house is everything that I visit to my in-laws is not… Sedate… Quiet… Calm…

Both houses have their virtues and I enjoy them both so much.

But of course, there is nothing like being with your parents. I look forward to the time I get to spend with them and I am happy we are staying the weekend. We got here late last night and after letting the kids run around for awhile, we finally got them to bed near 11pm.

Today we decided to stick around the house, and only ventured out for a lengthy walk after lunch. We had a delicious dinner this afternoon and hung out for the rest of the evening. The kids love playing with their Aunt Julie. Baby E got a few belated birthday presents, C worked on some crafts, and Big E played with cars.

On our walk, the kids wanted to explore a tunnel that ran under the nearby highway. Big E had his bike and C had her scooter. They were very brave and conquered the tunnel.


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