11-29-16 One Month

Today marks a month since my surgery. 

When you are going through something difficult, it is often hard to see the good things that are happening around you and to you. This past month has been hard and there were times that I felt lonely and insecure. And when I glance behind me at the past four and a half weeks, it is easy to see it as one big, painful blur. But the reality is that when I stop to take a look at the individual pieces, I recognize there were some very special moments tucked into that huge mess. These were the moments that helped make moving forward a little bit easier, the moments that God was answering my prayer for healing.


1- Spending time with my sister in law watching “Austenland” and catching up on life.

2- Having Big E ‘tuck’ me in for a nap on the couch.

3- Spending a ton of time with Tim.

4- Getting to visit C’s school for parents’ and grandparents’ day.

5- Painting a picture.

6- Getting to spend more time reading my Bible.

7- Visiting both sides of our family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

8- Seeing friends and family a lot more often than we normally would.

9- C losing her two teeth.

10- Going out to dinner with my sister in law, and coffee with a friend.

11- Spending time with my mom during her visit.

12- Talking to family on the phone that I haven’t seen in awhile.

13- Tasty, tasty food.

14- Tim putting up our little Christmas tree weeks early.

15- Learning how to make a chicken pot pie.

16- Taking a family picture with my kids in matching outfits.

17- Going for a long walk with my family.

As you can see, this past month may have been horrible, but it was pretty amazing too.




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