12-08-16 Comparisons

That’s an awfully big tree, Big E stated as we passed the large lit up tree on the boardwalk near our house. It sure is big, but it’s not as big as God, is it Mommy?

When Big E wants to make comparisons about objects or people, he usually uses God as his measuring stick. For example, Lightning McQueen is a really fast car, but not as fast as God. The Flash is really fast too, but again, not as fast as God. Is it large? Is it nice? Is it strong? It may well be, but not as much as God.

This cracks me up because it leads to conversations about characteristics about God that I don’t typically think of, like his ability to move very fast. This evening Big E asked, When God runs around in circles, does he ever get tired? Um… well…  I’m not sure he runs in circles. But I guess if he did, he wouldn’t get tired.

I know, there’s some deep theology going on in our home. 🙂 img_20161208_211036

PS- I had some blood work done yesterday afternoon and I got a call from the doctor saying that my iron levels are back to normal. No more anemia!! Yay!!

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