12-13-16 This Photo


Look at this fellow- so happy, so joyful. However this photo, like all pictures, only tells you part of the story. Looking into that smile you would never know that he was up nearly the entire night, vomiting on anything and everything within reach. This photo doesn’t tell the story of loads of laundry, measured out pedialyte, and a pathetic little boy that just couldn’t keep anything down.

It’s that time of year my friends, sick season. It started later for our family than last year, unless you count the ectopic or the broken finger, but now it is indeed in full swing. C came home from school this afternoon saying that the kid she shared the seat with on the way to school this morning threw up all over the bus. Within an hour or so of C being home, she was throwing up too. *sigh* This too shall pass.

Hopefully this charges through our house swiftly and we will be back to normal soon!!

NOTE- I am so sorry to any moms whose kids were exposed to mine at MOPS last night. Baby E was showing absolutely no signs until he threw up at one am!!

One thought on “12-13-16 This Photo

  1. I am SO sorry! The barfing bug is the absolute WORST and so annoying when it shows up in the middle of the night…which 9 times out of 10 is when it arrives! If you need anything please let me know!


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