12-21-16 Napkins

If you have school aged children, you are probably aware of the massive amounts of paper that come into your house via your child’s backpack every day. Most of it is corrected homework or classwork, with a few random drawings thrown in. Sometimes it’s a project from art. Sometimes it is advertising from a local business or event. And then there are the ‘important’ papers from the teacher, school, or PTA. I try to keep a look out for the ones that require my attention, but things slip through the cracks, because, well… life.

As I was cleaning out C’s folder the other day I noticed a note from her teacher requesting that she bring in holiday themed napkins for the class party they will be having tomorrow. Somehow I got relegated to paper products duty this year, which is totally fine by me. I’m guessing her teacher took note of all the things we were supposed to send in (ie- random odd and end things they need for projects that I totally have the intention of sending in, and then usually forget) and decided we were not to be trusted with anything a party might actually need. I’m ok with this. I can do paper products.

However, there’s nothing like the last minute and I kept forgetting all week to grab up some napkins. Since tomorrow is the party, I stopped by a store on my way home crossing my fingers they would have themed napkins. Much to my disappointment the holiday shelves were almost bare (naturally) and as I wandered around the store, I stumbled upon the clearance aisle where I found…


Ok, so totally not holiday themed, but they do have a snowman (ignore that he’s on a beach and stick with me.) And most of the Frozen movie happens during the winter, with snow and ice everywhere. So in a round about way I can totally convince myself that these are in fact holiday themed. But knowing that I was on shaky ground, I tracked down an associate and pleaded for the Christmas napkins. Please, please tell me you have some!

She pointed me down the next aisle and as I meandered through the aisle I only found one display of napkins.


Yup, there they are… Smiling-santa-sunglasses-emoji napkins. Truly the most hideous holiday napkins ever created. I bought two packs. (and the Frozen ones cause they were on clearance.)


This guy and I laid on the floor by his bed and sung Christmas carols after his brother and sister had already fallen asleep. He’s such a sweet boy.

This morning Baby E kept pointing to this picture of “Daddy” and a “doggy.” I tried to convince him otherwise, but he’s two and would have nothing of it.


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