12-27-16 Baby E


There’s something you should know about Baby E… He talks constantly. I’ve never had this much one on one time with him before, seeing as the two older kids are always there, and I had no idea he had so much to say. Maybe he didn’t know it either until he realized there was silence and had this profound need to fill every moment of it. Every car ride, every meal, every walk has been filled with constant chatter. His favorite topic to talk about is airplanes and who will ride in them. This is followed closely by trucks (which, by the way, is a word he has a difficult time pronouncing) And when he tries to say “Another truck” we get a phrase that even a seasoned sailor might blush at, so I’m trying to change the topic on that one as quickly as I can.

It’s been wonderful to actually see him this week, to get to know him away from the other kids and appreciate the things that make him genuinely unique and amazing. He’s a sweet, kind kid with a stubborn personality and a smile that melts my heart every time!

The big kids are enjoying Florida. They swam in the Gulf of Mexico and played with their cousins. I am so glad they are having fun and I am looking forward to their safe return!

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